The following are my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve. First, absence of the major I hope to pursue. My current school, Loyola University, granted me a scholarship that I couldn’t turn down. To give credit where it is due, I learnt much from the institution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the course that I hope to major in.  I hope to achieve and pursue the major in your institution. Second, I want to get out of my comfort zone. I aspire to be an independent person. Therefore, I don’t want to study at home which I feel, is a comfort zone.  I want to challenge myself, to network, study in an environment full of students, and interact with and learn from them. I hope to achieve an academic ambition in my field of study.  Thirdly, the vicinity of the college and fellow students; your institution is surrounded by industries and there are other learners. By learning from both the industries and fellow students, I hope it will instill a sense of facing any challenge I am faced with. Lastly, it whets my appetite for more education. At Loyola University, I joined the cross-exchange program which enabled me to take glass blowing classes in Tulane University. I overcame the heat challenges of the oven and created art which I love having people enjoy it. I hope to triumph in the academic challenges facing me.

My extracurricular activity is acting. I joined the star-studded cast of “Cleaners.” My role contrasted with my daily life but I took the challenge. It made me passionate about acting, filming and art. A circumstance that is not mentioned in my application is that my little brother is autistic. He studies in a special school. However, he has instilled love, patience and hope into me. I understand him through his body language or what he gives me. We’ve taught him daily chores and how to use technological gadgets, such as the iPad, hoping that he will become tech-savvy in the future.


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