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Hello, We have just completed a 6 week simulation (each week represented 6 months) running a fake company called WRSX. The aim was to get…

Hello, We have just completed a 6 week simulation (each week represented 6 months) running a fake company called WRSX. The aim was to get the share price of the company as high as possible. Each week, we had to pick 4 decisions out of 6 which we thought would be the best choice. 6 weeks went by (3 years within the simulation) and week on week, by picking 4 decisions each week, the share price went up and up. Within Question 1, Critically evaluate Week 2. Look at the 4 decisions made and critically evaluate the choices using the relevant theoretical frameworks that are suggested for the week and choice. Talk about the change in share price and figures on the results page using theory due to the choices from the previous week and how it it effected the set up for the final share price. This sections is 1000 words and worth 50 marks. Within Question 2, look at the Strategic Position and Strategic choice created before the simulation and critically look at how the simulation evolved. Did anything change or emerge. This section is 500 words and worth 25 marks. I will now attach the 2 quetions that need to be completed. The Strategy Experience Your participation in ‘The Strategy Experience’ is intended to focus on ‘strategy-in-action’ – the application of strategic concepts and frameworks in the creation and pursuit of strategic objectives. Once you have completed six Board Room meetings, equivalent to three years management of the advertising and marketing communications group WRSX, you will be in a position to complete your individual assignment. Address the following: Consider a specific instance of either good or unexpectedly poor Business Performance during your three year period as a director 1. Imagine you are presenting to WRSX investors. Referring to data from the performance log and your notes on the decisions that were made, assess a specific decision (or group of related decisions) which explains the performance outcome. Include a discussion of the underpinning theoretical frameworks you either used, or could have used, to assist your decision making. Did the theory support the decision, or mislead you, and why? 50 marks 2. Consider your original analysis of the strategic position and strategic choices. To what extent did your assessment of the strategic position and strategic choices change or evolve over the three year period? Did key changes occur, or new information emerge, that changed your original summary and did this lead to a change in strategy? 25 marks Marks will be awarded for: • Stock market performance 6 – 10 marks And for including: • Appendix A: Summary performance log (including a summary of agenda choices and Board Room decisions) 5 marks • Appendix B: Strategic Position 5 marks • Appendix C: Strategic Choices 5 marks Submission Deadline: 9.00 am Thursday 12 March 2015 Assignment Notes Only a soft copy of the report must be submitted through Turnitin, with the word count listed on the front page. It should be a professionally written business report, suitable for presentation to a management team. Marking Criteria • Integrated and systematically structured document. • Effective application of relevant concepts. • Sound strategic analysis supported with clearly presented credible data. • Good linkages between sections. • Relevant, credible data sources appropriately referenced. • Maximum 1500 words. This is an absolute maximum (no +10%) and only applies to Q1 and Q2. • Exceeding the word count will incur a 5 mark penalty. • Any report submitted late, without an extension granted by your Course Director, will be capped at 40%. • Failure to submit within 7 days of the deadline will result in a mark of F0. Theory v Analysis The emphasis in this assignment is to present concise analysis. Concentrate on the key factors that are relevant to each question and avoid long descriptive passages – this will help you comply with the word count Analytical Models Do not simply paste standard models and frameworks into the report. The use of frameworks, graphs, diagrams and charts is encouraged, but these should be directly relevant and adapted to analysis of the simulation. Format An executive summary is not required. A brief introduction should be used to introduce the reader to your report and provide an overview of the context and scope of the report. Each question can be answered as a separate section and may benefit from a short introduction giving an indication of the scope to be addressed with a short summary to highlight the key points. Appendices Make sure all the correct appendices are included. References The Harvard referencing must be used when necessary. References are not needed for data from within ‘The Strategy Experience’.
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