Application of Concepts from Caring Science

Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved. For example, if you work in home health, you may…

Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved. For example, if you work in home health, you may identify that throw rug use by fall risk patients is too prevalent. You may be able to use the problem that inspired the theory concepts that you developed in week two. Identify the concept in Watson’s Theory of Caring that could represent or include the outcome. In our example, the outcome would be the changes in self through the change in the patient’s floor covering practice. Identify a practice that can be changed or implemented that may influence the outcome. Identify the concept in Watson’s Theory of Caring that includes the practice. In our example, the practice could be to improve the understanding of fall hazards through the engagement in a teaching-learning experience, one of Watson’s Caritas Processes. Identify exactly how these two concepts will be measured with their operational definitions. Develop a proposition between the two.

Sample Solution
Different methodologies for a cross examination are utilized by the police. As a matter of first importance, there is the immediate addressing. This one is basic: as the name uncovers, it’s tied in with posing direct inquiries towards the wrongdoing. A subsequent technique is the data gathering approach: the suspect is allowed to recount to their side of the story, frequently open-finished inquiries are posed. The objective is truth chasing. There is additionally an accusatorial methodology. This one contrasts a great deal from the data gathering approach in light of the fact that the police will attempt to control the speculate and be extremely angry. In contrast to the past one, the examiners attempt to get an admission and this is the reason they will be extremely corroborative (Meissner et al., 2014). The attention lies besides on the vibes of the suspect: the more apprehensive or restless he looks, the guiltier he appears to be as indicated by this strategy. As indicated by the exploration consequences of Meissner et al. (2014), data gathering is better at getting an admission contrasted and direct addressing, however that the accusatorial methodology increments both genuine and bogus admissions. Consequences of the tests by Perillo and Kassin (2011) demonstrate that feigning has indistinguishable impacts from the introduction of bogus proof. They likewise suggest that these admissions made as a result of feigning are not liable to be recognized by the examiners of judges. The outstanding ‘Reid method’ is regularly utilized during a cross examination. It’s where the police will utilize bogus proof and diminish the tension related with admitting by misdirecting the individual and causing him to accept he will get leniency, in any event, when it’s not straightforwardly guaranteed. This is a minimization technique. The pith of this method is that the speculate will make a levelheaded money saving advantage investigation. The issue approaches when bogus proof is appeared: if the guiltless speculate figures he will be condemned at any rate, making an admission will appear to have a superior result than denying it. Thusly he can perhaps get a diminished sentence since he was agreeable during the procedure. We can expect this is the thing that Roman Zadorov did in the Tair Rada-case. Klaver et al. (2008) led tries about minimization and boost procedures. Members had the most noteworthy bogus admission rates in the condition where they got questioned with minimization strategies and where the believability of the allegations was exceptionally high. Arrangement? These explores demonstrate the threats of utilizing a few strategies and that they merit consideration. An official, a judge or a jury ought to consistently remember the probability of a bogus admission when settling on a choice. An answer for limit the impacts could be utilizing the minimization and amplification procedures blended in the “great cop/terrible cop” strategy. Various ways to deal with find reality ought to be utilized together rather than just utilizing the Reid method or the accusatorial methodology, particularly if the questioned individual is a minor or somebody with mental issues. Likewise posing inquiries about covered data is vital>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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