Please follow the rules and answer ALL the questions below.-Use ONLY materials we have covered or discussed in class: anything posted on our bCourses (texts,…

Please follow the rules and answer ALL the questions below.-Use ONLY materials we have covered or discussed in class: anything posted on our bCourses (texts, powerpoints, earlier Discussion boards, andChat records) and Zoom lectures-Use your own words.-Do not use online sources that are not part of our course.-No citation neededPart I. Short answer questions: choose 1 question to answer. 5-7 sentences each (~75words each).

Many avant-garde filmmakers in the 1920s felt strongly about medium-specificity. Define medium-specificity and briefly discuss 2different approaches to medium-specificity from film-making in the 1920s.1. Identify the two works below (artist, title, date, medium if possible). Briefly (5-7 sentences total) discuss the vision of easel painting, and its role inart/history, that these works put forward.Part II. Long-answer question. Please make it clear which question you are answering. Approximately 4-5 paragraphs (~700 words). Be specific inyour answer.

Draw on 3 works of art (artist, title, date, and medium where possible) in answering the question.

In the interwar period (1918-1938) in Europe, art-makers and cultural producers increasingly questioned the role of “art.” This questioning tookmany forms, from an anti-aesthetic stance and the declaration of “war on art” (indeed, some of the artists we have seen would be opposed to havingtheir work be called “art”!) to working towards marrying art-making and industrial, or mass, production. Choosing 3 specific examples, discuss theways artists (and/or art institutions) worked to redefine art during the interwar period.All the course PowerPoint are uploaded on the link below: the recorded lecture are uploaded on the link below:

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