Article of the Constitution and Executive Branch

1) What Article of the Constitution created and describes the power of the Executive Branch? 2) In what ways have the President’s powers been both…

1) What Article of the Constitution created and describes the power of the Executive Branch?

2) In what ways have the President’s powers been both Constitutional and evolutionary?

3) List and explain the President’s Head of State Powers.

4) List and explain the President’s administrative powers.

5) Using Supreme Court Justices as an example, pick two Supreme Court Justices and explain the process by which they were nominated to the Court.

6) List and explain the President’s legislative powers. Be sure to include the following in your answer:

How does the President influence legislation? What is the State of the Union Address?

7) List and explain the President’s powers as Commander-In-Chief. Who declares war? When was war last declared?

8) Explain the importance of the Oath of Office. What does the President promise to do by taking the Oath?

9)  Explain the qualifications for being president. In addition, answer the following:

What length and number of terms can a President serve?How can a President be removed from office? Explain the process.Who are the only two Presidents to be impeached? Were they successfully removed from office?10) Explain how each of the following Presidents increased the power of the Executive Branch:

Andrew JacksonAbraham LincolnTheodore RooseveltWoodrow WilsonFranklin Roosevelt

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