Article review: “Texas must be a slave country”

Write a 1000-word analysis of the article. This paper should identify themain argument being made by the author (often called a thesis statement) along with…

Write a 1000-word analysis of the article. This paper should identify themain argument being made by the author (often called a thesis statement) along with identifying the typesof evidence used to support the author’s argument, such as letters, journal entries, newspaper clipping, oralhistory, etc. The emphasis of the assignment is to read a scholarly article and adequately explain theauthor’s purpose in researching and writing about that particular historical person or event.The following questions are meant to help you analyze and think about your article. You may use some orall of them to help you write your paper.

What reason, interest, or question does the author pose in their article?How does the author go about answering, refuting, or challenging the interpretation of a historical event?What types of evidence does the author use in the article? Newspapers, legislation, personal diaries, thework of other historians? Is it mostly primary sources (evidence created at a specific time and used by theauthor as an example of what people said or thought of at that time)? Is it mostly secondary sources(evidence created by other historians to describe what people said or thought at that time)?Who do you think the article’s intended audience is? Is the article readable for everyone or does it appealto only certain segments of the population? In your opinion, how effective was the author in making thehistorical argument?Is the author proposing a new interpretation of the past (a different explanation for a historical event) or isit a confirmation of earlier interpretations? Could it be a little bit of both?

Sample Solution
John Wayne Gacy’s history of sexual and psychological mistreatment was instrumental in arousing specialist’s curiosity of him as a suspect. John Wayne Gacy was conceived on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. Being the main child out of three kids, Gacy had a stressed relationship with his dad, who drank vigorously and was regularly damaging towards the whole family (Sullivan and Maiken 48). In 1949, a contractual worker, who was a family companion, would pet Gacy during rides in his truck; notwithstanding, Gacy never uncovered these experiences to his folks because of a paranoid fear of revenge from his dad (Foreman 54). His dad’s mental maltreatment proceeded into his young grown-up years, and Gacy moved to Las Vegas where he worked quickly in the rescue vehicle administration before turning into a funeral home chaperon (Sullivan and Maiken 50). As a funeral home specialist, Gacy was vigorously associated with the preserving procedure and conceded that one night, he moved into the final resting place of a perished young kid and touched the body (Cahill and Ewing 46). Stunned at himself, Gacy comes back to Chicago to live with his family and graduates from Northwestern Business College in 1963, and acknowledges an administration learner position with Nunn-Bush Shoe Company. In 1964, Gacy is moved to Springfield and meets his future spouse, Marlynn Myers. In Springfield, Gacy has his subsequent gay experience when a colleague unsteadily performed oral sex on him (London 11:7). Gacy moves to Waterloo, Iowa, and starts a family with Myers. Be that as it may, after normally undermining his significant other with whores, Gacy submits his previously known rape in 1967 upon Donald Vorhees. In the coming months, Gacy explicitly manhandles a few different adolescents and is captured and accused of oral homosexuality (Sullivan and Maiken 60). On December 3, 1968, Gacy is indicted and condemned to ten years at the Anamosa State Penitentiary. Gacy turns into a model detainee at Anamosa and is allowed parole in June of 1970, a minor year and a half after his condemning. He had to migrate to Chicago and live with his mom and watch a 10:00PM check in time. Not exactly a year later, Gacy is accused again of explicitly ambushing a young kid yet the adolescent didn’t show up in court, so the charges were dropped. >GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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