Assessment task 1: Reflection

Assessment task 1: Reflection Task Description : For this assignment, we would like you to think about what ‘professionalism means to you as a student…

Assessment task 1: Reflection Task Description :

For this assignment, we would like you to think about what ‘professionalism means to you as a student embarking on a nursing career. Drawing on the readings and lectures from module 1, and with reference to the wider scholar literature, write a short paper that explores some of the characteristics that a professional nurse should exhibit and the professional behavior that is appropriate to the role. You should use a minimum of FOUR scholarly references to support your discussion.

The purpose of this task is for you to think about and articulate your response to this question and develop a piece of written work. It will also provide you with the opportunity to access and interpret scholarly literature.

Assessment Criteria :

Criterion 1 : Demonstrates a beginning understanding of the concept of professionalism and the characteristics that a professional display.

Criterion 2 I Structure and written expression are clear and logical

Criterion 3 I Referenced correctly using Harvard style, both in-text and in the reference list

Criterion 4 Uses a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources to support work Task length : 750 words

Due by : Friday, 20th March 2020 by 3pm (submitted into MyLO assignments folder)

What is professionalism mean?

In nursing professionalism reflects that act of providing quality patient care while honoring the values of respect and integrity, advocacy and responsibility. professionalism also extend to a nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and self-reflect on behaviors and actions, always striving for both professional and personal development.

What are the characteristic of a professional nurse?

The characteristic of professional nurse is that are kindness, empathy, and compassion are part of who are people on a personal level serve as us well as a student nurses exhibiting strong communication skills that helps us communicate with patients and colleagues, sometimes at their worst life moments. Example of as students are to speak at an appropriate language and tone, not to speak loudly, When leaving the clinical area students are to ensure a delegated staff member is a ware that they are leaving and knows when they will be returning.

How are these characteristic displayed behaviors?

l do knowledge that it could take for long time to learn and follow the educators rules. Why is professionalism important in nursing?

Professionalism outline the competent level of care in each phase of the nursing process. They return a desired and achievable level of performance against which a nurse’s actual The main purpose of professional standards is to direct and maintain safe and clinically competent nursing practice, present professionalism in the practice of nursing has many benefits. One of the most important is that it helps ensure and safeguard the health and well-being of patients, Professionalism also positively impacts the atmosphere and efficiency of health care institutions.

How do I display professional behavior as a student nurse?

I believe as a student embarking to nursing career that behavior is the most common strategy, and that all should follow the code of conduct and expand further with learning.
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