TaskTask 1 is Submitted as an Interact2 Discussion Forum post or as otherwise informed by your lecturer.WHAT TO DO:Post a copy of Task 1 into…

TaskTask 1 is Submitted as an Interact2 Discussion Forum post or as otherwise informed by your lecturer.WHAT TO DO:Post
a copy of Task 1 into the Discussion Forum in Interact2, before the
start of session with your Project Brief (Interim quick plan) AND the
address of the Blog site that you will use for project tracking, weekly
progress reports and documentation.Your blog can be an interface holding copies of all your Assessment Tasks in ITC571.The email message and Discussion Forum posting must be submitted BEFORE Day 1 of session for Approval.Project Title and AbstractThe
project title and abstract is your starting point. It is a document
upon which the full Project Proposal and Plan will be based in the next
assessment task.1. Project Title: 12-15 words maximum2. Abstract: 150 words on the list a to e below (as best as you can by week 2)a. Project Problem Domain: Why are you doing this? Is the Key Research Question ready?b. Background/Context/Description: Workplace or personal project?c. Project Aim/Objectives:d. Deliverables/Outcomes:e. Resources:•
Your Project Blog is required for Weekly Progress Reports and other
content such as project activities and copies of the Assessment Tasks.•
The blog will store entries made by you throughout the subject to
document the project stages and milestones, seminar notes and other
important notes. • On campus Study students: Your local lecturer may advise on a suitable alternative process if studying on-campus.• You can use CSU’s Thinkspace site at http://thinkspace.csu.edu.au/ (use your CSU Login ID) or a blog site of your own choice.  
CSU Thinkspace is recommended or else WordPress, Google’s Blogger
(https://www.blogger.com/home), but you may also have your own favourite
site to use.• Setup the site and and enter a suitable TITLE for
your blog (e.g. Joe’s Wireless Technology Project) – not your full name.
For WEB ADDRESS – use your student number as your account name (URL) or
other unique identifier.• Make a first post – a short introduction
about you and the project (Who are you? What do you do? What is your
Experience and Interest in this Project?)- remember to save, then
Publish the blog entry. Check with a friend or family member to ensure
that he/she can see your first posting. This is also to check you have
the right URL to include in this proposal and plan for your project.•
Post a copy of the BLOG address to to the DISCUSSION FORUM in order to
share with others and to demonstrate that you are underway in the
subject. • The blog will be used to assess Task 2 below in Week 12.Task
2 is a continuing series of weekly reports in your project blog ending
in Week 12 OR for on-campus students as an individual discussion with
the lecturer in class every weekWHAT TO DO:Weekly Progress ReportingFor each week from Week 2 to Week 12 inclusive, add a blog post for each Weekly Progress Report as described below.WHAT TO DO:1. From Weeks 2 to 12 in the Schedule, your weekly reports are completed depending upon the mode of study:a. On-campus Study: Present a Weekly Progress Report to class lecturer.b. Online Study: Post a series of Weekly Progress Reports in your Blog, concluding on Friday 4 October 20192. The Weekly Reports will follow the plan your Assessment Item 2 Project Proposal and Plan.3.
Prensentation will be described by the local lecturer as either in
weekly classes or as posted weekly in the Project Blog for Online Study
students.4. The template below can be modified for use of choose your own format:

RationaleSubject learning outcomesThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:• be able to interpret and evaluate an overview of recent trends in emerging technologies and innovation.• be able to demonstrate advanced communication skills in transmitting their capstone experiences and ideas.The
Project Blog helps you to document your project and to “think by
writing” as you develop, manage and record the project delivery as well
as your “learning journey”. This is good knowledge management. While the
Weekly Progress Reports are mandated as an assessment item, your blog
can contain more posts about the project, interesting resources found,
ideas, opinions (yours and those of others), lessons learnt and vital
notes on  project documentation.
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