Brain Plasticity and Cell Phone Use by Children and Adolescents

Check out the following links and briefly discuss your reactions in your assignment paper.Source 1: riskscellphone-radiationSource 2: 3 [credible source]: 4 [credible…

Check out the following links and briefly discuss your reactions in your assignment paper.Source 1:

riskscellphone-radiationSource 2: 3 [credible source]: 4 [credible source]: What are the articles saying and implying about the dangers of cell phone use to the brain or body in

adults, children or adolescents. Discuss your findings in your assignment paper.2)Some of what you will see will be news articles. Are the types of your information you just read

considered primary, secondary, or tertiary sources?3) Research and review at least three primary credible sources, such as published peer-reviewed journalarticles (scientific studies published in the last 10 years) and/or edited textbook chapters regarding the

impact of cell phone use on the developing brains of children and adolescents.

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