What are bullshit jobs? How are they related to changes in the economy like the growth of the service sector, the concentration of wealth, and…

What are bullshit jobs? How are they related to changes in the economy like the growth of the service sector, the concentration of wealth, and growing inequality?

Industrial revolution (when, where, what)Impact on work/employment

Alienation, Define and specify types/modes

Industrial laborBravermanWhat is scientific management?What problems does it solve for management? What problems does it create? What is the labor process? (hint: labor capacity as a potential versus the actual labor expended)

Ford5 dollar day, reasonsFordism

Lichtenstein. State of the UnionWhat challenge does industrial work pose to democracy? What is industrial democracy? Wagner ActFlint Sit-down strike

DeindustrializationCauses, Consequences (hint: rise of service)

Chan. The Life of a Chinese WorkerWhy did industrial manufacturing move to China and other countries in the global south? How does work in Foxconn illustrate Taylorism?What are the features of the workforce in Foxconn, China?

Global Commodity Chain

Hochschild. Love and GoldCommodity FetishismWhy is gold an apt metaphor for the migration of nannies from the global south? How is the immigration of nannies like a global commodity chain?

Leidner, Over the Counter at McDonaldsWhy did workers like scripts?

Compare and contrast the use of emotion work and routinization/scripting as worker control strategies.

Bureaucracy, main features

White collar work Reasons for expansion. Role of bureaucracy. How did scholars make sense of the structural position of white collar work?(Hint: Contradictory class location)Differences in male and female jobs (hint: ladders)Human Relations School/Elton Mayo/Hawthorne experiment.

Ho, Liquidation What compensation practices are described by this reading? How do these compensation practices affect the organization and experience of work for investment bankers?

In 1986 the average bonus for Wall Street investment bankers was $13,000. By 2006 it was $190,000. Describe the changes in regulations that impacted these compensation practices with special attention to the Glass-Steagall Law. How might work practices in investment banks, described by Ho, be linked to the economic recession of 2008?

Professions – definition, struggles over jurisdiction

Wingfield, “Are Some Emotions Marked ‘Whites Only?” What are the dominant feeling rules in the professional workplace?How are these feeling rules racialized?

Sample Solution
A social equity pioneer, a ladies’ privileges lobbyist, a social equality pioneer, she did everything. Dorothy Height was a gigantic supporter of every one of these causes and developments, she was the explanation that the Young Women’s Christian Association was completely incorporated at all areas in 1946. (Dorothy Height Biography) She was additionally working with Eleanor Roosevelt to join numerous individuals of various races and convictions to “exhibit our longing for harmony and universal equity.” (Height, Dorothy) Dorothy Height was a significant figure in the social equality development in light of her work with the National Council of Negro Women, (NCNW), the Young Women’s Christian Association, (YWCA), just as her inclusion in numerous different causes. Dorothy Height being the ladies’ dissident that she was turned into the pioneer of the of the NCNW in the 1950’s. (Stature, Dorothy) Through the NCNW she concentrated on hostile to lynching efforts and reproducing the criminal equity framework. Stature likewise was a piece of numerous enemy of lynching efforts beginning in secondary school, halting lynching was one of her principle centers. She likewise settled its inside for racial equity, which was her activity attempting to wipe out prejudice broadly. As a negro ladies and she made some harder memories as a result of her sex too. Dorothy Height put all her free energy into these causes yet she had numerous weaknesses, for example, her sex and shading. (Itkowitz, Colby) But “in spite of the clear sexual orientation segregation in the social liberties development, Height kept chipping away at the cutting edges.” (Norwood, Arlisha) Dorothy Height accepted that all spots ought to be coordinated. So she began by completely incorporating all YWCA offices across the country. (Tallness, Dorothy) She accepted that since it was an association for Christian ladies that all ladies ought to be permitted to work and go to these spots without being isolated. Stature likewise monetarily supported numerous social liberties laborers and she upheld voter enlistment on the south.(Norwood, Arlisha) Dorothy Height additionally helped the NCNW get awards to give professional preparing and it helped ladies in starting organizations. Dorothy endeavored to support ladies and individuals working in the most ideal manner she could by giving numerous assets to them. Dorothy Height ventured to communicate her assessments and considerations on numerous issues or issues. Dorothy Height taught adolescents on AIDS and high schooler pregnancy and how it could be forestalled. (Tallness, Dorothy) Dorothy Height additionally advanced dark family esteems and showed them how to live and turning out to be more independent.(Dorothy Height) Height put stock in imparting her insight on numerous issues and communicating what she figured was correct and what wasn’t. Dorothy Height was known for her work up until she kicked the bucket as a social liberties laborer and a ladies’ privileges extremist just as her work with numerous different associations and causes. Stature worked with Eleanor Roosevelt in endeavor to make everybody equivalent which despite everything stands today as there is no more isolation. Stature’s work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and being there on the phase when he talked his ” I Have A Dream” discourse places her work in context that she was significant in the social equality development and how she functioned with numerous notable individuals. Stature being a piece of the social liberties development and her work with the NCNW and the YWCA gave her the heritage of how we know her today. We knew her as a dedicated individual who didn’t stop at whatever held her up. Tallness’ work gave numerous individuals an open door that they wouldn’t have had the option to have if not for Dorothy Height. Dorothy Height changed lives and she was the devoted woman that we recollect her today as.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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