Bureaucracy, organizations, institutions

Search the internet cites which give access to academic content and find an academic article in a refereed academic journal with at least 10 citations…

Search the internet cites which give access to academic content and find an academic article in a refereed academic journal with at least 10 citations (the number of citations is presented by google just under the article’s title in a google search)[1] on one of the following topics or key-words: bureaucracy, organizations, institutions, rationality, values, ideology, norms, anomie, conformity/deviance, functional analysis (functionalism), classical sociology.[2] A lot of PDF full-text articles are freely available on the Internet, but you will have a far more rich choice using the databases.Give the correct references for the article.Please read carefully the article and try first to well summarize its main idea and research question, before doing anything else.Using font “Times New Roman”, line spacing 1single, and font size 12 please prepare a 1200-word essay (around 3 pages) trying to fulfill the following What is the main idea and research question that the author/authors are trying to answer/prove? (300 words)What is his/her theoretical framework (300 words)?What are the principal methods of argumentation? (research techniques, logical argumentation, types of evidence provided, etc.) (200 words)Is the author critique some theoretical perspectives or other authors and which one? (200 words)

Sample Solution
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