write a literature review of the information regarding a topic in your business specialization of your choosing. Be sure to include the following in your…

write a literature review of the information regarding a topic in your business specialization of your choosing. Be sure to include the following in your submission:

A brief overview of the topic you chose that addresses the following:

Explain how your topic is a business trend and why you chose this topic.Indicate how your topic relates to your business specialization and why further study is important.Assess how your topic relates to ever-evolving technology and its use in business.A literature review that addresses the following:

Explain the basis of seminal theories of research concerning this business trend and who created the theories.Analyze the evolution of at least two theories and the business trend (scholar and practitioner).Synthesize the current research regarding the business trend, including current theories and practices associated with the trend.Summarize your findings regarding this business trend and determine whether this is a topic you would consider for your dissertation. Then, briefly explain why and provide examples, if appropriate.

Sample Solution
re held in Ankara (Turkey) , it was noted that an increase of items in trade had taken place during the last financial year. That increase was accounted for by the addition of a wholly new item of Pakistan which were based in import like fuel, oil, and a virtual doubling of the export of Pakistani rice to Turkey, during the year. That rising trend however, could not be continued. The total size of trade which proclaimed to Rs 301 million in 1977-78 came down to Rs 242 million in 1977-78.Pakistani exports to Turkey had pointed off from Rs 244 million in 1977-78 to Rs 160 million in 1978-79 (The Pakistan Times 24 December 1979). Chapter 3: Pakistan-Turkey Cooperation in Economic, Trade and Investment Sectors (1980-1999) In 1980 Turkish President Evrin confirmed his determination for further strengthening and expanding the cooperation between the two countries and both sides communicated fulfillment over joint ventures in different field, such as communications, electronics, auto motives, engineering and pharmaceuticals. Though there was a realization that the full potential of bilateral trade had not been exploited. Latterly the Turkish President Turgul Ozal thrown Turkey on the road to economic liberalization and Turkey’s industry went through a rapid phase of modification. At the same time in January 1980 Turkey approved a comprehensive economic adjustment program relying heavily on market concerned with solutions. Turkish late President Turgul Ozal had called for more tariff concession on selected terms to promote trade and commerce between Turkey and Pakistan. Turkish President Turgul Ozal in an interview with the Gulf Economist obligated and also strained the need for providing an infrastructure for communication and transport facilities between the two countries. The late president Ozal remarked, ‘I feel that action should be taken on the proposal, for trade and tariff concessions on selected items’. At that time such proposals were earlier considered under RCD, Whereas RCD being given a new name, the process of strengthening the economic and trade ties should continue uninterrupted (The Pakistan Times 14 April, 1985) During 1980’s total volume was an indication that through was existed between the two countries; the two governments failed to make use of it. Secondly businessmen on both sides failed to increase the level of trade. Though the volume of trade showed little improvement in 80’s Turkey and Pakistan cooperated in the fields of banking and insurance, transport, communication, tourism and agriculture. The main imports from Turkey have been grams and other pulses, some other food items and manufactured goods>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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