You have been newly hired away from another technology firm’s HR department to work for MTE and are tasked with the following: Checklist: Write a…

You have been newly hired away from another technology firm’s HR department to work for MTE and are tasked with the following:

Checklist: Write a minimum 1- to 2-page business memo (i.e., minimum of 250–500 words) to the HR director regarding the following:

Describe the problems with the company’s hiring practices and the laws that have been violated.Explain how the firm can increase employee diversity by changing the hiring practices.

Sample Solution
In their articles, donors of the Cable News Network and Fox News build up a firm position on Trump’s ongoing assessment laws. These articles educate Americans about the impact regarding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on white collar class individuals. CNN presents a populist viewpoint in their article, while Fox News composes their article from a preservationist perspective. The news organizations conveyed the articles in the Opinion area of their sites, however the messages portray the news organization’s individual political positions. A few Americans put stock in the messages of news channels since they line up with their own advantages. In any case, news media organizations can likewise uncover data in an unscrupulous way, falling apart the political climate. In her CNN article, Trump’s tax reductions are a failure, Jill Filipovic gives a message that speaks to America’s average workers. She accepts that the tax breaks exclusively advantage the “Tycoons and Big Corporations.” Nevertheless, she builds up an obstinate point of view that supports the Democratic party. Democrats intend to build financing for “social welfare programs,” however Trump’s assessment plan contradicts their belief system. Also, liberal government authorities need bureaucratic assessment cash-flow to make instruction progressively available to individuals dwelling in ruined networks. Filipovic claims that “the middle Republican congressperson was worth 1.4 million.” She incorporates this measurement to manufacture an establishment for why moderate legislators would support the assessment law. Filipovic outlines the title in a manner that would trigger the feelings of a liberal individual looking through CNN’s news source on their cell phone. Kay Cole James and Cathy McMorris Rodgers likewise offer their supposition on Trump’s duty law, yet it supports another crowd. In the Fox News article, Tax cuts just assistance the affluent? American checks show generally, James and Rodgers accept that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act favors individuals at each degree of the financial pecking order. As a result of the law, Americans get “greater checks and more occupations.” James and Rodgers give an article that additions support by moderate individuals. To upgrade their contention, they utilize the intrigue to rationale by using insights. For example, individuals living in New York’s 15 locale will encounter a 30% drop in their annual duties. James and Rodgers use the primary individual pronoun “we” to speak to the feelings of Americans. The title of the article incorporates a facetious inquiry that causes the crowd to mull over about the issue before perusing the content. CNN’s and Fox News’ article target two unmistakable political crowds: nonconformists and traditionalists. At the point when news organizations present articles favoring one political side, their believability drops immensely. They speak to the impetuses that invigorate unfortunate political feelings, and these conclusions separate the Congress into two gatherings. To advance a good world of politics, residents need to pick up understanding from target news offices, for example, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist in light of the fact that such news outlets plug unbiased data. Additionally, target news sources will guarantee that residents don’t frame decisions dependent on an argumentum promotion populum. Congress should pass guideline laws with the goal that news media organizations uncover moral data that don’t convince individuals to support a particular political part>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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