Cable company that has recently decided to build a new…

You are the HR Manager for a cable company that has recently decided to build a new call centerto handle customer service issues. Your company…

You are the HR Manager for a cable company that has recently decided to build a new call centerto handle customer service issues. Your company is considering four (4) locations for the call center:Memphis, TN; Montgomery, AL; Jackson, MS; and Baton Rouge, LA. The plans are to initially hire 100customer service representatives with the potential to hire another 50 representatives within three (3) yearsof the facility’s opening. You have been tasked to determine which location would be best, developing thecustomer service representative job description, developing the recruitment program for the position, anddetermining the selection process, training program and pay structure for the position.

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Rise of the Multi-Core Processor The emergence of multicore processing began in the early 2000s. Until that time, performance of single core CPUs could be improved by increasing the transistor density or increasing the clock cycles. However there were limitations to the amount of transistors able to be built on a single core. More transistors means a higher demand for power consumption leading to increase in heat generated. More cooling and power to feed it was therefore needed to mitigate those obstacles but meant it was economically not feasible for the increase in performance gained. This led to manufacturers looking for alternative ways to improve performance leading to the eventual adoption of multicore processor architecture.[18] Instead of increasing the performance of a single processor to handle more demanding tasks, multicore processors have several CPUs built in which are able to share their cache. They are able to split the task up and achieve parallel computing where each CPU is processing a task meaning that CPU time is not wasted. The year 2001 was when the world’s first multi core processor was created by IBM [17] that aimed to compete against their rivals at the time, the manufacturer Sun Microsystems and HP by doubling the performance at half the cost. It was called the IBM POWER4 with 2 64-bit microprocessors embedded into it and extended the PowerPC architecture. It had a clock speed of 1.1-1.3 GHz and the later enhanced version POWER4+ had a recorded 1.9 GHz. Around the year 2005-2006, manufacturers such as Intel and AMD were offering duo core CPU such as the AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 3800+ and Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor E6320. Moore’s Law showed that the number of transistors were doubling every 24 months and the few iteration of CPUs released by Intel and AMD later on proved that Moore’s Law was still holding with 8 cores CPUs being released around 2009-2010. Another notable development of multi-core processors was Nvidia>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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