October 9, 2018

Just Do My Admission Essay

The following are my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve. First, absence of the major I hope to pursue. My current school, Loyola University, granted me a scholarship that I couldn’t turn down. To give credit where it is due, I learnt much from the institution. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the course that I hope to major in.  I hope to achieve and pursue the major in your institution. Second, I want to get out of my comfort zone. I aspire to be an independent person. Therefore, I don’t want to study at home which I feel, is a comfort zone.  I want to challenge myself, to network, study in an environment full of students, and interact with and learn from them. I hope to achieve an academic ambition in my field of study.  Thirdly, the vicinity of the college and fellow students; your institution is surrounded by industries and there are other learners. By learning from both the industries and fellow students, I hope it will instill a sense of facing any challenge I am faced with. Lastly, it whets my appetite for more education. At Loyola University, I joined the cross-exchange program which enabled […]
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