September 4, 2019

South American Food | Do My Homework

Before the arrival of the European Colony in the continent of South America, the native people were already associated with cultivation of plants. Taking part in cultivation of crops can be traced as a major influence in what they eat today. Further, the people oriented an elaborate irrigation system and made the environment characterized by steep Andrean mountain slopes which were suitable for food growth. It is therefore fundamental to state that each different region in South America developed their own traditional dishes depending on the type of crop they cultivated. The Europeans also incorporated some of their food into the traditional dishes of the people in South America (Lovera, 2005). The people who settled in South America were basically immigrants from the Pacific Islands and Central America. Basic South America Food Corn (Maiz, Choclo): Corn has been a stable crop in South America for several years. Since its inception, it has positioned South America as the largest producer to the rest of the world. The natives in South America like staple dishes like arepas also known as cornbread, chichi, tamales as well as various pastels which have corn as their key ingredients (Lovera, 2005). Chicha is popular beverage that […]
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