Collaborating With Human Services Professionals

Imagine that you are the counselor working with this student and you will be serving as the lead person to coordinate efforts among the team…

Imagine that you are the counselor working with this student and you will be serving as the lead person to coordinate efforts among the team of professionals at this setting.

Complete the following for the scenario you selected:

Describe the role and function each professional would serve in terms of assessing or responding to any of the legal or ethical issues that may arise when working with this student.

How does the quality of the interaction impact the service provided to the students?

Describe the responsibilities of each of the professionals as they collaborate to respond to legal or ethical issues described in the scenario.

What are the specific legal and ethical issues that the team will need to address?

Describe how the counselor in the scenario will collaborate with other human service and behavioral health professions to address the issues identified.

What institutional barriers may interfere with how the professionals work together to address the student goals?

Sample Solution
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