Compare Tucker with Gates in terms of their business strategy.

Bill Gates first worked for IBM with his licensed operating system called MS -Dos program (although young Bill Gates originally bought Dos program from somebody…

Bill Gates first worked for IBM with his licensed operating system called MS -Dos program (although young Bill Gates originally bought Dos program from somebody else and it became a window). Later he built his own empire called Microsoft.

a.Despite of the difference of the initial sunk cost between a car industry and a software industry, please compare Tucker with Gates in terms of their business strategy.

b. After over a half century later, another visionary car maker, Elon Musk emerges with an electric car of Tesla. What is a future of Tesla? Could it be the fate of another Tucker? if so, why? Is there any concern about Elon’s leadership style such as infamous/bogus tweet about privatizing Telsa without funding, cash shortage and delayed product delivery?

or Could it be another successful exception as a new member who survived and becomes prosperous in an Oligopoly corporate club due to another niche market of electric cars, despite growing global competition in electric car market? If so, why?

c.Can you give us another Cinderella company successfully breaking into Oligopoly Jungle in the past and in the near future?

Sample Solution
“No artist, no craftsman of any workmanship, has his total significance alone. His hugeness, his gratefulness is the valuation for his connection to the dead artists and specialists” (37). Hence, Eliot utilizes scholarly inferences inside “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” to exhibit Prufrock’s impediments, which recommends a general message that mankind should be dynamic right now headway, as urbanization has driven Prufrock, just as society, to a feeling of uselessness. Eliot bases the structure of the sonnet around Dante’s The Divine Comedy so as to set up an excursion for Prufrock in his very own Hell, just as to show a difference among inaction and resignation. The principal scholarly reference is inside the sonnet’s epigraph, which is an immediate statement from Dante’s Inferno, which states, S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse A persona che mai tornasse al mondo, Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse. Mama percioche giammai di questo fondo Non torno vivo alcun, s’i’odo il vero, Senza tema d’infamia ti rispondo (Lines 1-6). Quickly, the peruser feels estranged by this statement since there is no sign regarding whom it has a place with, and furthermore on the grounds that it is written in Italian as opposed to English. In addition, putting this section in the ballad’s epigraph is critical on the grounds that epigraphs typically present a fundamental subject inside a content. This section originates from Canto 27 as Dante watches the eighth hover of Hell and asks Guido da Montefeltro, Lord of Urbino and a priest who gave deceitful direction, the explanations behind his present state. Perusers who perceived these lines or communicated in Italian, be that as it may, would comprehend that Montefeltro is worried about his story coming back to those on earth, which uncovers he is stressed over his notoriety. Further, Montefeltro feels great offering his story to Dante in light of the fact that no human has had the option to enter and afterward leave Hell; he accepts his flaws won’t be shared. This minute is unexpected, on the grounds that Dante is the principal individual skilled with that capacity. By putting this section toward the start, it appears that Prufrock is going to dig into something specifically alarming and humiliating for him, and is just ready to share the accompanying words since he accepts nobody else will have the option to peruse or know about it. Additionally, by beginning the lyric in Hell, in spite of this setting being taken from Dante, Eliot is in all probability proposing that perusers will be inside Prufrock’s mind, which is his own individual Hell. As Montefeltro can’t leave Hell, it appears that Prufrock will always be unable to leave this psychological state either, which passes on sadness and detainment. Aa Montefeltro appears to speak to Prufrock, perusers of The Divine Comedy appear to become Dante as they can leave Hell with him and apply the message of his excursion to their lives; in any case, as perusers live through Prufrock in Eliot’s ballad, Eliot implies that maybe society can never genuinely advance. Since Dante can come back to Earth subsequent to entering Hell, he can give to others the risks of transgression, just as the information on how one finds a workable pace. Conversely, Prufrock can’t surrender his very own Hell at last, so it appears as though perusers are likewise tapped with him. Prufrock, in the last lines of the ballad, state, “We have waited in the assemblies of the ocean/By ocean young ladies wreathed with kelp red and dark colored/Till human voices wake us, and we suffocate” (129-31). By utilizing “we,” Prufrock isn’t just discussing him suffocating; he is by all accounts recommending that lack of involvement drives all of society to suffocate with him. Since the peruser lives>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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