what is a computer? What was the earliest form of computer technology? Where did it come from, and why did it disappear? Who was Charles…

what is a computer? What was the earliest form of computer technology? Where did it come from, and why did it disappear? Who was Charles Babbage and what was his contribution to the history of computing? Who was Herman Hollerith and how did he invent modern computing? What was the PC revolution? According to the video, Pirates of Silicon Valley, where did the pioneers of the modern computing industry get many of their best ideas? Why is the computer industry so competitive? Is such rapacious competition good or bad for consumers? Was Steve Jobs (or Bill Gates) a visionary or a crook? Explain.

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To get a decent comprehension of variables impacting ICTs reception in University libraries in Kenya, the examination embraced distinct research. Distinct review explore is utilized to acquired data concerning the present status of the wonders to portray “what exists” regarding factors or conditions in a circumstance. This technique included a range from the overview which depicts business as usual, the connection study which researches the connection between factors, to formative investigations which look to decide changes after some time. This plan was noteworthy to the examination since it was surveying the components impacting reception and utilization of ICT in University libraries. A graphic review study look into configuration was embraced in light of the fact that it was advancing on the qualities of a blend of quantitative and subjective research strategies. 3.4 Target Population A populace is the whole gathering of people who share at any rate one thing for all intents and purpose. The investigation populace involved 20 library staff who incorporates college bookkeeper and other staff working in the library and around 10,000 college understudies who are the clients of ICTs in the library. The staff and understudies were picked in light of the fact that they are the clients of the ICTs in the library. 3.5 Sample and Sampling techniques Testing is the system an analyst uses to assemble individuals to consider. It is the way toward choosing a few people from a populace in that the picked gathering contains properties illustrative of the attributes found in the entire gathering. Basic irregular examining was utilized to test college understudy, purposive inspecting was utilized to test the staff. Since it was unrealistic to gather information from the whole college understudy a suitable example size was resolved. College understudies test size was resolved utilizing the equation received from Mugenda and Mugenda (2003) Where nf represent the ideal example size (when the populace is under 10,000) n represent the ideal example size when the populace is more than 10,000, N represent the gauge of the populace size Assessed populace size of University understudies = 10,000 Wanted example size = 101 Consequently the last example = =100 Every one of the 20 library staff was tested utilizing purposive examining system The all out example was 120 respondents was chosen to take part in the investigation, 100 of the respondents were understudies while 20 respondents were the library staff.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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