Please identify a computer system you have recently had experience with (at home, work,etc.); prepare an attached PowerPoint presentation (minimum 8 slides) describing a potential…

Please identify a computer system you have recently had experience with (at home, work,etc.); prepare an attached PowerPoint presentation (minimum 8 slides) describing a potential computer security problem related to that system. The target audience is a manager who you are trying to convince to investigate the potential security issues.Begin with a description of the organization and the computer system you have chosen.Where necessary, you may make assumptions about any specifics – please note these as such in your presentation notes.Draw from the assigned readings (and your independent research) to identify what topics should be included.If you feel that slide information is not self-explanatory, add additional details in the presentation notes. By Nicholas Klacsanzky The design business has been “elegant” since the Industrial Revolution, yet dress style has been around since people have existed. In fact, design can be utilized as a thing or an action word. As a thing, we can see it surrounding us in the decisions individuals make with their dress and the thoughts they infuse into their apparel plans. As an action word, we can observer items, thoughts, and other marvels being designed, or made. As anyone might expect, “design” has a connect to the French language, yet it is more entangled than that. In the accompanying passages, I will clarify about the derivation of “style” and furthermore the various ramifications of the word. At first, we can take a gander at the historical background of “design.” The movement of “style” extends genuinely far back in time. Its first variation was in Latin with “factiō” (“a creation”), which was initially gotten from “faciō” (to make). Thus, it was initial an action word, at that point a thing in Latin. Inevitably, it moved onto Old French as three variations: faceon, fazon, façon. These three words have different implications, for example, design, structure, make, and outward appearance. Be that as it may, it got rearranged in Old Northern French when it turned out to be simply “fechoun” which implies a style or a way. A similar word made a trip to Anglo-Norman, and in the end wound up in Middle English as “facioun.” At present, “style” is a globally acknowledged word that most dialects coordinate into their framework (Wiktionary). As referenced previously, “design” is utilized as a thing and as an action word. It has two implications as a thing: “A well known or the most recent style of dress, hair, adornment, or conduct,” and “A way of accomplishing something” (Oxford Dictionaries). In its verbal structure, it makes them signify, “Make into a specific structure,” yet additionally it being utilized as expression, “style something into” (Oxford Dictionaries). However, these are just the specialized meanings of “style,” and the word identifies with a wide range of everyday issues. Design thus identifies with patterns. These patterns are regularly associated with the style business, attire designs, political impacts, innovative impacts, social impacts, monetary impacts, and purchasers’ needs. Dress designs have created from need and conventions, while the style business was based on curiosity. Identifying with this, PBS expresses that, “One certain thing in the style world is change. We are continually being besieged with new style thoughts from music, recordings, books, and TV. Motion pictures additionally bigly affect what individuals wear. Beam Ban sold more shades after the motion picture Men In Black. At times a pattern is around the world. Thinking back to the 1950s, young people wherever dressed like Elvis Presley” (PBS). The style business became out of the Industrial Revolution in France, however attire design has existed for whatever length of time that mankind has been near. Design patterns are frequently associated with governmental issues. For instance, whatever open figures wear, particularly legislative open figures, is frequently revealed in the news and remarked on by style investigators. Moreover, innovation has an impact in design by delivering innumerable wearable devices, and furthermore the manner in which style shows are displayed. The social effect on style is huge, with popular individuals in the media continually influencing how design patterns turn. Financial matters can likewise influence design, as downturns and upswings in an economy can influence what individuals wear and what garments they buy. At last buyer’s needs influence style, as not exclusively is the purchaser the main impetus behind advancement in style (since they purchase garments from fashioners and permit the creator’s professions to remain above water), the shopper likewise for the most part strives for solace and reasonableness when acquiring garments. There are special cases when individuals purchase certain attire for style, however most by far of apparel is purchased based on it being appropriate for regular circumstances (Suttle, Rick). Design as a word shaped in Latin, went to Old French, Old Northern French, Anglo-Norman, and came definitively to Middle English. It is considered presently to be both a thing and an action word, and is influenced by governmental issues, financial aspects, society, innovation, and buyer’s needs. The importance of design has been immovably planted since the Industrial Revolution, and it would appear that it won’t change its significance at any point in the near future. References “Style.” Wiktionary, “Style | Definition of Fashion in English by Oxford Dictionaries.” Oxford Dictionaries | English, Oxford Dictionaries, Suttle, Rick. “Purchaser Needs and Marketing.” Small Business –,, 21 Nov. 2017, needs-showcasing 997.html.>GET ANSWERLet’s block ads! (Why?)

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