13.9 What is the purpose of an IP address mask? Suppose an IP address is identified as What is the network address in this…

13.9 What is the purpose of an IP address mask? Suppose an IP address is identified as What is the network address in this case? What is the host address? How many hosts can this network address support? Repeat this exercise for the IP address

13.10 Explain the concept of a DHCP lease. How is it obtained? How is it used? What does it provide?

14.5 In recent years, much of the storage and communication of data has been in digital form, even if the source data is actually analog. Even most television is now transmitted digitally. What benefits and advantages are gained by using digital storage and signaling?

Sample Solution
Various sources have attempted to put over the importance of the web in the field of medication. Individuals are never again depending entirely on the physical doctors for their wellbeing matters that incorporate discussions. This exposition will focus on the relationship among three sources, one composed by Boyd, Younger, and the other one Te Poel et al. Be that as it may, this paper starts by examining how Younger and Te Poel et al. identify with one another. In his article, Younger investigates the convenience of Wiki as a wellspring of wellbeing data. More youthful says that one can alter content on some wikis though others necessitate that solitary particular gatherings or people with significant accreditations can enlist, sign in with a secret key and alter the substance. More youthful has not determined the classification of individuals who visit the web normally which Te Poel et al. does. Te Poel et al. explains this class of individuals by expressing that individuals with high level of wellbeing tension accomplish a larger number of request about medical problems than those with low-level wellbeing uneasiness. As indicated by the investigation done by Te Poel, wellbeing on edge people become increasingly troubled and stressed because of the effect of wellbeing data they secure from the web routinely. From these two sources, plainly web wellbeing data looking for is unavoidable. More youthful calls attention to that specialists transfer data on wiki while Te Poel et al. show that on edge wellbeing searchers include themselves more in scanning for the data. The two sources show the earnestness with which wellbeing data is looked for and arranged. More youthful additionally takes note of that wellbeing data found on the web is intended for open utilization yet not for individual therapeutic specialists. A case of that sort of wiki is ‘AskDrWiki and ganfyd’ implied for the group of spectators in the US. This is shown by the basic language, outlines, and references that don’t confound the normal peruser. To put it plainly, a layman’s language is utilized. More youthful further expresses that it is difficult to discover nursing wikis. Be that as it may, he, also, gives trust that there are a couple of therapeutic wikis that may offer foundation wellbeing data to specialists. Te Poel et al. source doesn’t talk about the intended interest group of web wellbeing data profoundly however from the investigation, it can suggest that the objective is commonly the individuals with wellbeing inquiries. Te Poel et al. puts more accentuation on the degree of wellbeing uneasiness. This source shows that there are factors that brief individuals to look for wellbeing data. From the above dialog, it very well may be said that these two sources demonstrate the objective of wellbeing data that is posted on the web. Dana Boyd in her article ‘Did Media Literacy Backfire?’ says that it is smarter to comprehend the unwavering quality of a wellspring of data as a reason for media education. Boyd, additionally, demands the believability of a data source through basic examination by understudies (or perusers). The individual (s) composing or altering wellbeing data ought to be a specialist in the field. More youthful additionally includes this when he noticed that it will be useful to check the dependability of a wiki in the event that it is Health on the Net confirmed (HON). This is the motivation behind why Younger clarifies why some wellbeing wikis are constrained by a gathering of particular people. Te Poel et al’s. study doesn’t concentrate on the wellsprings of web wellbeing data. Their exploration spins around explanations for data chasing and this leaves a data hole contrasted with the other two works. Boyd and Younger delineate the significance of confiding in a source since it will be anything but difficult to reference what you trust. This implies web wellbeing data can’t misdirect a peruser and perusers need not to avoid getting proper data for their wellbeing request. Boyd says that during the time spent individuals scanning for wellbeing data on the web, they will in general trust their involvement with the expense of mastery. Boyd, in her clarification, suggests that individuals think that its difficult to confide in physical specialists since they have become ‘presumptuous’ and less minding. She gives this as an explanation behind individuals to search for wellbeing data on the web. Te Poel et al. gives another viewpoint by expressing that it is the degree of wellbeing nervousness that impacts individuals to scan for web wellbeing data. Te Poel et al. gives a valid justification since it is hard for individuals who are not intrigued by wellbeing data to scan for the equivalent. In synopsis, Younger, Boyd, and Te Poel et al. all talk about the hugeness of web wellbeing data yet Boyd and Te Poel et al. give subtleties on why individuals favor looking for wellbeing data on the web. More youthful talks a greater amount of data sharing through wikis which are for the most part done by therapeutic authorities. Both Te Poel et al. what’s more, Younger give new perspectives why individuals search for wellbeing data which is for facilitating wellbeing nervousness and data sharing separately.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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