Homework Help on a Concert Report

The first edition of the musical arts concert series of the season 2013-2014 by the University of South Alabama department of music was held on the 14th of February 2014. The concert was held under the banner of intermission. It was entitled the Catie Stephens over the Valentine’s Day and was held at the performance and recital hall of the grand Laidlaw performing arts center in the University of South Alabama.

The concert was graced by the musicians Allfro moderato, Antantino, Con Variation as well as Allegretto Sherzando. In addition the Archduke piano trio of Ene Yu, Violin Guo-sheng Huang, cello Robert Holm were also in attendance while the show was further enriched by the presence of pianist Brian, brown and viola. These constitute the major pierces of the performance which were purposely aimed at the assessment of the student; Catie Stephens as part of the fulfillment of the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music education instrumental. The trumpet was her instrument of her choice which was accompanied by the piano that was played by Brian, brown and viola while she was assisted by her music professor Mr., Peter wood.

The piano Quartet D major was done to a great taste and it was started by allegro moderato thereby introducing the audience to the Stolzel mode of playing the trumpet. Over the cool and serene mood, the performance was followed by Andante which was more suited to the pace and rhythm. This duo was very well synchronized and later slowed down and reverted to the allegro. These pieces could be described as highly dense as well as created a mood of intensity. Except for some mid measure parts during which the interlocking on notes was distorted by the musicians’ emotions, the whole performance told a sad story that culminated in delight through an emphasis of the musician’s mood as well as use of music for expression.

Next piece of performance was the “night songs” by Richard Peaslea that was performed in 1973. The piece did not include the [piano unlike the first performance. In addition, it was also not in the mood that it portrayed. However, it was more exciting as well as a mystic track that could well be tuned for a ballet. I personally loved this piece especially for its ability to change the mod of the audience even in the absence of an intermission at the end of the first performance. In addition, the performer was well compassed as well as well-versed with the notes and was actively clear on the noes which needed a higher pitch compared to others. Actually even though it took about 15 minutes, the piece left the audience yarning for more. It was completely relaxing, easy to follow which made me sing along to the tune over my head.

The last piece of the night was the Concerto by Pakhmutova which was a culmination of the performance by the student and indeed she displayed her ability to fuse concert performance with a good bodily expressions and gesture. She had the mood written all over her lips as she did the trumpet. She came alive and felt the music she played which moved the crowd. I particularly loved the revision of the piece that was slightly modified to fit her own version of the tune

In conclusion I fully enjoyed the performance of the night in addition to her accompanying pianist. I could read the mood of the presentation and in particular loved the way the last piece was done and culminated it was all a really enjoyable night.



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