Most people do not like conflict; yet human services organizations are likely to experience it. For example, if organizational leadership changes procedures and practices for…

Most people do not like conflict; yet human services organizations are likely to experience it. For example, if organizational leadership changes procedures and practices for delivering human services, the change might cause conflict among staff. Human services administrators must develop strategies to address the multiple dimensions of conflict. Human services administrators may perceive conflict as an organizational liability or as a resource. Transforming negative aspects of conflict into something positive is an important skill for human services administrators. When used wisely, conflict can facilitate productivity and creativity among service providers and other staff within the organization.For the Discussion, view this week’s Graphic Novel in the Learning Resources. Listen to the human services administrators as they discuss their professional experiences in managing conflict. Think about how you might approach conflict if you were in the situation described. Finally, reflect on your thoughts about using conflict as a tool for administration.

Post a description of the human services administrator and the conflict situation in the novel and how you, as a human services administrator, might approach conflict in the selected situation to facilitate productivity and creativity. Finally, explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew related to using conflict as a tool for human services administration.

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