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Date Place of purchase Items Brand name prices Other information. Reasons for purchase
19th Jan Miami Florida. 2 Sugar cookies. Lucy’s $30.63 @ On Offer. For the granny.
20th Jan Miami, Florida Sugar free sweets






Fruit Sugar





Requirement at School.


Used for powdered drinks

Order to control diabetics.

For pudding.

21st Jan Washington DC Fat. Betty Croker low fat $ 50 Low cholesterol cooking. Weight loss
22nd Jan Washington Soap St.Ives $40 Helpful for the skin. To reduce skin irritation.
23rd Jan Washington Ointment



Neo Strata


Romaine lettuce





Not harmful to eyes.

Recommended as vegetables.

For beauty.


For use as salad.

24th Jan New Jersey. Detergents.



Close Up


Gurana based Energy drinks.

$ 60



Fight cavities


Level of awareness.

Heal the gums.

Regulating the energy level.

5th Jan New Jersey Detergents Respondent complete care $60 For healthy smile. Fight tooth decay


Question 1 part II

I prefer using the Lucy’s sugar cookies as a consumer unlike the other type because of their relatively low sugar level. On this particular occasion, I purchased them for my aging granny to use at home. My son used to as well like taking too much sweets and this led to the acquisition of diabetes. In order to reduce the level of diabetes, I started buying him sugar free sweets which were also required at their school. I have a recent liking for pudding which led me to prefer the new fruit sugar that can also be used in powdered drinks. Fruit sugar is nice to use for pudding purposes.

My recent meeting with my doctor suggested that I need to reduce the amount of cholesterol in my diet. This prompted me to start using low cholesterol fat named Betty Croker so as to reduce my weight. The prices were as well not high compared to other fats. The normal skin was slowly changing its color by being irritated and the only way to revive its nature was by buying St.Ives skin care soap that reduces the rate of skin irritation. It also helps the skin in acquiring its original form. Neo strata ointment is highly recommended by doctors so as not to interfere with the eyes. This has always led me to purchase the product for skin beauty.

In matters health, romaine lettuce is highly recommended due to its high vegetative form as salad. As a consumer I will prefer to buy romaine lettuce as a form of vegetable and use other food groups to provide a healthy diet. In our present world, the teeth are at risk from attack by cavities which prompts the use of respondent complete care for healthy smile and fighting foot decay. The most common drinks in the market are designed to earn a profit other than taking consideration of the health issues. This is the main reason why I take in consideration the types of drinks I consume because of my health. Gurana based drinks increases the level of awareness as well as regulating the energy level in the body.

Question 1 part III.

Gurana based Energy drinks: The ad was located near schools, stadiums and near centers for the aging. The main purpose of making this location was to target the young children. This lot is always in need for energy so as to remain vibrant in the changing times. It is highly recommended for children so as to regulate the amount of energy in their body, hence making them able to tackle the situation in a particular environment. The location near stadium suggests that sportsmen and women need to revitalize themselves with energy drinks so as to keep fit. They will most likely be attracted to “Regulate your energy level,” as a promotion segment in the market. Finally, an aging community needs energy to assist them in their activities which at times may be very difficult because of age.

Respondent complete care: This is a special enamel strengthening formula which assists in controlling tartar and tooth decay. This ad will be given location of hospitals where health issues are of major concern. It will also be found near schools to target children and near shopping ventures to lure consumers. Doctors do recommend its use due to its power to remove plague and stains as well s promoting whiter teeth and healthier gums.


Perner, L. (2010) Consumer Behavior. The Psychology of Marketing.Retrieved 18th January, 2011 from

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