Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

In American society, especially when it comes to African Americans, implicit bias is a firmly entrenched problem throughout the criminal justice system. A corollary of…

In American society, especially when it comes to African Americans, implicit bias is a firmly entrenched problem throughout the criminal justice system. A corollary of implicit bias is what Butler (2017) refers to as the “chokehold.” Define the chokehold and be certain to explain: (1) How the chokehold works; (2) what does it NOT stem from? (3) What it evolved from?; (4) How it allows police to get away with shooting unarmed Black people; (5) How it does not only apply African Americans; and (6) How it impacts primarily African Americans from the cradle to the grave.Lowery (2016) posits that the precipitating factor for most of the race riots since 1935 was an incident involving police and African Americans. Keeping aforesaid in mind, what does Butler (2017) assert regarding the possibility that hiring more Black cops being able to reduce incidents of police use of excessive force? Further, what does Butler (2017) say about the false equivalency of equating police violence with Black male violence? Finally, explain your thoughts on what Butler (2017) offers on the following: Why Black men disproportionately commit violent crime; Black men and the construction of crime; and is Black on Black crime a thing?Despite continued presentations of African American history in a “celebratory” narrative of forwarding progress, why is it important to understand the depth of inequality? Also, why does “racial does racial progress come and go?” Why is racism never going away? How does the law create racial hierarchy and White supremacy? Finally, comment on the significance of the following: (1) The effectiveness of the Federal takeover of police departments; (2) Why racial progress occurs when it is good for White people? and (3) If you catch a case, why you should act as you know?

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