I am a health Administration major. I will send you two discussion question and you have to answer thequestions. it has to be in the…

I am a health Administration major. I will send you two discussion question and you have to answer thequestions. it has to be in the discussion form like question and answer. please DO NOT write like an essay.

In Nthe end, you have to create one question regarding our discussion.1) Write an Initial Post of 300 words (total) which incorporates your analysis of the assigned reading

(Chapter 9 & Chapter 10) into the prompts below:What is the relationship between cost, access, and quality?Why is understanding the relationship between cost, access, and quality important for health care

reform?2) Conclude your post with a “discussion question” with the goal of sparking further conversations andanalyses about the chapter.

Sample Solution

My Favorite Restaurant: Rivenee’s GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination As a kid, I was not attached to eating out. My family would eat at an eatery, burger joint, or smorgasbord in any event once every week, frequently more than once. Each time we went anyplace, yet for a little spot called Rivenee’s, it was a test for my folks to discover legitimate nourishment and a pleasant climate. Rivenee’s was that fortunate special case—I adored the spot and this made my folks love it as well. The eatery appeared to be supernatural and captivating to me when I was a grade school kid, and shockingly, the spot despite everything entrances me today. As of late, when I visited my old family house for Thanksgiving, I was flabbergasted and satisfied to discover the spot despite everything worked and, actually, was still run by a similar family. Aside from the house in which I grew up, Rivenee’s is presumably the dearest spot to me in the unassuming community, only outside of San Ramon, where I was brought up. Rivenee’s is a little and comfortable spot, and this is the thing that presumably collected my adoration for the eatery at first. This, and the individuals who worked and still work there. In contrast to increasingly roomy cafés, coffee shops, and chain buffets my folks additionally took me to, Rivenee’s was a family-possessed business run by a moderately aged couple, Janette and Derek. At the point when I consider them now, I despite everything recollect their comforting grins and genuine consideration for every client and representative. Mrs. Jan, as I would call her, adored orange shades, both in her outfits and in the café’s inside stylistic layout. Warm orange and yellow-pomegranate furniture, bright hued napkins and window ornaments, nation style hard wooden tables and stools at the bar—everything was strong and agreeable about the spot. Mrs. Jan would consistently have orange in her outfit—to coordinate the spot, as I at that point thought. Be it a splendid orange strip in her hair, or a peachy flawless cotton dress, or red nail clean—this lady had a place with the spot like no one else, and I question it was just the outside likeness. Free Essay Pre-Grading for an “Offer” GET AN EXPERT TO ANALYZE YOUR PAPER TO KNOW YOUR Evaluation BEFORE TURNING YOUR PAPER IN. Discover Your Grade Her better half Mr. Derek was more established, with turning gray hair and a smaller than normal mustache, which made him look somewhat severe to me at that point. In any case, the second he began conversing with his profound, delicate, and half-giggling voice, with that specific delicate frog-in-the-throat vibe, he would cause me to tune in to all his words with an open mouth. The man resembled a performer to me: puzzling and somewhat terrifying even, yet so captivating and attractive. There was his little girl also, the main love of mine. She was a blonde horse followed young lady of 7 or 8 with charming blasts, vivacious, and dynamic. She would be going around the spot, pulling in the consideration of guests with her vibrant giggling that made you snicker consequently, or possibly grin back at the little, radiant animal cruising around the spot. At the point when I visited Rivenee’s after so long, the recollections flashed back through my psyche instantly, and I out of nowhere felt like a kid once more. The spot was as yet an enlightening planet of orange and light, yet serenely unwinding and throbbing with new vitality. I in a split second felt like I was home, and a major bundle of newly cut wild daisies, conveniently tied with an orange strip made me consider Mrs. Jan. The nourishment tasted the equivalent—firm and puffy home-made johnnycake was my preferred piece of the feast at that point, and it posed a flavor like it did in my youth to me now. My folks despite everything eat at Rivenee’s occasionally, still request their preferred specials and appreciate the night with Mrs. Jan and Mr. Derek, recalling old fashioned occasions.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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