You are an intern assigned to a special agent for your state’s investigative bureau with a specialty in criminal intelligence. A representative for the Governor’s…

You are an intern assigned to a special agent for your state’s investigative bureau with a specialty in criminal intelligence. A representative for the Governor’s Office would like you to write a paper explaining how someone who is not a forensic psychologist is able to fill the position of criminal profiler in the State Investigation Bureau (SIB).

To meet this request, you will prepare a 3–5-page white paper (in APA format) for the Governor and her staff so that they understand your training and why law enforcement personnel are used for this position rather than forensic psychologists.

You will start by explaining what a forensic criminal profiler does and how investigators may be best suited for this position. Relate how the criminal profiler targets serial crimes involving murder, sexual assaults, and rare arson types. Explain the appropriate background for a criminal profiler.

Create a 3–5-page paper including such issues as the following:

The way the crimes were committedWhere the crimes were committedHow the victims were chosenThe crime typeThe times the crimes were committedIf the offender was/is communicating with the police or other individuals (press, victim’s family, and so on)The circumstances and condition of the actual crime scene(s)

Sample Solution
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