Write a 2-3 page differential diagnosis paper. Review the history and background of comedian Pete Davidson. Mr. Davidson was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Applying…

Write a 2-3 page differential diagnosis paper. Review the history and background of comedian Pete Davidson. Mr. Davidson was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Applying the recommended 6 steps by Dr. First (attached in this learning module) to conducting a differential diagnosis, present a differential diagnosis for Mr. Davidson. Use the following outline to develop your paper:

I. Present a differential diagnosis(use DSM 5 diagnostic codes) for Mr. Davidson. Present the specific behaviors/symptoms that meet the criteria for this diagnosis. Explain the steps (from Dr. First) you used in your assessment process.

II. Describe any factors in Mr. Davidson’s past or current history that influenced your diagnosis. Explain the theoretical perspective that supports your diagnosis. Support your perspective with the literature (e.g. a theoretical or empirical article).

Sample Solution
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