How do you think it would harm your body if your cells did not replicate their DNA before going through mitosis?How do you think it…

How do you think it would harm your body if your cells did not replicate their DNA before going through mitosis?How do you think it would affect your offspring if homologous chromosomes were not separated during meiosis?Cancer typically requires five mutations in DNA before uncontrolled cell division occurs.How might one’s behavior, body type, diet, and/or environment affect the risk of cancer?Could a combination of these factors occur in one individual?Provide a possible scenario.Find out how tanning booths affect the risk of skin cancer by searching the Internet.Based on what you discovered how might this affect one’s feelings about the use of a tanning bed?Provide the link to one source you found.

Part B

Please answer the following questions. Answers must be submitted in a Word document. Please number each answer as numbered in the questions.

Choose a nondisjunction disorder and write five sentences about it. Make sure you mention which chromosome is involved (for example, chromosome 18) and what kind of effects the disorder has on the human body.

Sample Solution
Sequential executioners have boggled the psyches of people for quite a long time. A large number of motion pictures and narratives are accessible to watch about infamous sequential executioners, including one of the most renowned, Jeffrey Dahmer. Have you at any point contemplated what genuinely caused his conduct? What made him murder 17 guiltless individuals? Jeffrey Dahmer could have started to slaughter due to psychopathic propensities and connection issues. Mental hypotheses of wrongdoing have been around for a long time. These hypotheses are dependent on two thoughts: character and conduct. Mental speculations on wrongdoing regularly express that the individual carrying out the wrongdoing has an irregular character, implying that they may have character aggravations or issues with the brain. As this hypothesis was examined, analysts centered around mental sickness, character issue, and psychopathy. As indicated by “Criminology” composed by Frank Schmalleger, psychopathology “alludes to any kind of mental issue that causes trouble either for the individual or for those in the person’s life.” Some instances of this are ADHD, schizophrenia, and sadness. Mental hypotheses additionally thought of the term sociopath. A sociopath is an individual who needs compassion and compassion toward others. Since the revelation of this term, it has been grouped further to essential and auxiliary mental cases. An essential maniac has neurological contrasts from the vast majority, and an auxiliary insane person was brought into the world totally typical, yet something in their life made them change. Mental speculations found a great deal of data in regards to the psyche and how it can make individuals carry out wrongdoing. The connection hypothesis is totally unique in relation to the early mental theo>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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