Eating Disorders and the College food scene

Part Two: Summary of the article

Does the corridor of college life subject us to health dangers? That is a question majority of us, both men and women of good will and the laity at large ask. This can be the scene realized with the case of Yochelson and who came to Bethsaida with high hope after recovery from anorexia nervosa. It is true that being affected by anorexia at a tender age can be very stressing owning to the fact that people tend to have a long life ahead (Huget, 2011). The following instances of Yochelson life reflects how she was deprived of the necessary support that should come with community care. The concept of being open and sharing our problems with others can always expose us to help from other and those we live with.

Its unfortunate Yochelson had to leave school due to lack of support that was not offered due to lack of cooperation from her. This fact is illustrated by the fact that she believes that should openness have prevailed in her situation, and then her conditioned might have been salvaged. The school administration can also be noted as not being aware of her condition and also the presence of services that have not been made aware to the students (Huget, 2011). The School could have assisted through the counseling center and which Yochelson did not seek help.

In an age when technology is being used to assist several dynamics, the campus can be congratulated in setting up the centers which can aid those who are suffering from psychological problems. However, the duration upon which Yochelson was undergoing the ailment, the wellness centre did not seem to cater for her problems. We can as well assert that lack of awareness on the part of the administration could have led to Yochelson not admitting her problems (Huget, 2011). It is also true that students should not sit back with any kind of difficulty without sharing. Those having eating disorders should not shy away as was experienced by Yochelson.

Part Four: Critique of the Article

The author deserves to be commended for the work she has emphasized on about the life of college students and eating disorders. As mentioned earlier on, we can conclude that walking in college life can be the result of our mental difficulty through the type of food we consumer while there (Huget, 2011). Many people and more so those in college and university life can disagree with the author over the issue but the fact remains that eating disorders are much prevalent among college students.

Young age and more so that epitomized by young people tend to shy away from issues that can help them through their hard times. People who are not willing to share any type of hardship cannot be assisted and they are the ones who can run from situations like was the case with Yochelson. The author also illustrates that the school should create awareness on the wellness facilities that are present within their institutions (Huget, 2011). The situation however could not have been helped much with the American University being left without a clue over the student’s situation. Eating disorders is indeed real among students in learning institutions and this can be well indicated by the fast way of life and a world on the move. The students, as noted by the author, should take advantage of wellness centre’s that exist within their institutions. The administration of these learning environment must as well create awareness avenues for the students to seek the psychological help when need arises.


Huget, L. J. (2011). Lifestyle: Eating disorders and college food scene. Retrieved 28th June 2011


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