Effects & influence of Religion on People’s prejudice

See instructions from the professor below for the blog creation. I will also attach it and provide a copy of the research study mentioned below.…

See instructions from the professor below for the blog creation. I will also attach it and provide a copy of the research study mentioned below. For this assignment, you will write a blog about a topic relevant to the research study that have conducted. Your goal is to decide on a question or story or message that you want to tell about psychology research, and then present that information in a blog format. Look at the example blogs on https://www.luvze.com/ or other psychology and science blogs. Here are some simple ideas for how you may want to organize your blog. 1) Current Topic Research Blog: Start off by referencing recent movie, news event, trend, or pop culture figure, and then use psychology research to help explain it. Picking a topic like this can be a great frame your discussion making it immediately clear why the research is relevant and is an easy way to make sure the end of the blog wraps up by explaining the current topic you started talking about at the beginning. These are generally written in 3rd person. Ex. Friends with Benefits https://www.luvze.com/destined-for-disaster-or-casual-and-carefree-what-are-the-be/ Ex. Kylie Jenner Effect https://www.luvze.com/features-that-signal-attractiveness-the-kylie-jenner-effect/ 2) List/Advice Research Blog: Others take form of advice or lists of things you can do to improve your life, again based on research. These are interesting to readers who want to learn how to immediately relate some research findings to their daily lives. Sometimes, these are written in 2nd person (You should do this, or that, etc.). Ex. Top 8 Reasons Why Relfies are Good for Your Relationship https://www.luvze.com/the-top-8-reasonswhy-relfies-are-good-for-you-your-relation/ Ex. Strategy for Effectively Stealing a Romantic Partner https://www.luvze.com/if-at-first-you-dont-succeed-astrategy-for-effectively-stea/ 3) Interesting idea, question or personal story blog: Finally, some blogs are more simply formed around an interesting idea, basic question, or maybe even to a personal story. For this type of blog, you still need to make it clearly how the research is relevant to the real world, so dont just fall back into reporting like you do in a research paper. These blogs pull the reader in because the topic itself is surprising, or the story is really engaging, or myths are being debunked! A 1st person tone (I or We) makes it easier to connect to author. Ex. Nice Genes, Conflict & Marital Satisfaction: https://www.luvze.com/nice-genes-serotonin-conflict-andmarital-satisfaction/ Ex.: Bisexuality Myths Debunked by Science: https://www.luvze.com/bisexuality-myths-debunked-by-science/ These are just some examples of ways you may want to organize the blog, so you could choose one, combine more than one, or organize the blog in an entirely different way. It is up to you! The only requirements for the blog assignment are: The blog should mention your research in some way it could be the focus of the article or it could be just mentioned along with other research findings. The formatting should be similar to a blog it should include multiple sections with subtitles for each, hyperlinks to information you are citing, and should include at least one visual display that aids in your description (could be a visual from your poster or a visual from another researcher as long as you cite it). The blog assignment should be approximately 700 words long (500-900 words). Otherwise, the format it up to you!
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