Emerging technologies for maintaining health records.

Technology is changing and evolving. Conduct a search of the Internet, library, or print literature to identify several new or emerging technologies for maintaining health…

Technology is changing and evolving. Conduct a search of the Internet, library, or print literature to identify several new or emerging technologies for maintaining health records. Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint to explain the following questions:

Describe each technology and discuss its potential use in the management of health care information or the development of health care information systems.What proportion of the data in the patient’s medical record is captured electronically? What information is recorded manually? Do you think the method of capture affects the quality of the information?List three major inpatient clinical information systems and explain how technology enables these systems to deliver improved care.Identify two outpatient clinical information systems and explain how these systems differ from inpatient clinical information systems.

Sample Solution
Growing up Spanish was my first language. My folks experienced experiencing childhood in the U.S. just knowing Spanish and it’s an encounter they will always remember. Educators would not recognize or keep an eye on their needs except if they communicated in English. My folks didn’t need me to battle and be placed in ESL programs growing up so they accepted away open doors they didn’t realize I could have had. My folks didn’t comprehend the future requirement for bilingual speakers is presently a developing need inside the U.S. Relearning the language inside school has been testing where I currently mostly comprehend Spanish than talk it. It’s extreme being one of the main barely any individuals from my father or mothers side of the family that just communicates in English. Spanish appears the main association inside my family since that is the means by which they convey. When there are family parties I can possibly help yet be peaceful and feel lost when relatives speak. None the less, growing up is east-side San Jose has made it increasingly hard for me to fit in when I’m the main Latina that doesn’t communicate in Spanish. Since prevalently San Jose is a Hispanic city the requirement for bilingual laborers is at a popularity. My folks were uneducated and unconscious of the way that keeping up numerous dialects was really an increase that when they removed my Spanish it was an extraordinary misfortune. Why accept away the open door that can make a superior future for your kid? Inundation programs is a chance to make more open doors for your youngster. When searching for a drenching program it is critical to search for a program that offers an incredible instruction and has a culture alongside it. “The Universidad Latina in Heredia gives choice scholastics while sorting out rich social outings, for example, historical center visits, espresso ranch visits, cooking classes, and city visits to guarantee you comprehend life as a tico (local Costa Rican)”! (Niesen) For one to suffer learning a language is only not with the language itself, yet to learn around the way of life of the language. This can make it a fun learning process, which can make it simpler to learn. Attempting to abstain from learning the way of life of the language on the off chance that you need to completely learn and connect with its speakers. A decent drenching project isn’t made for the “larger part language” however for the minority. “… .if locale state they made the program to fulfill the necessities of English speakers who need to get bilingual, they don’t will in general be great projects since they don’t utilize the exploration on language minority understudies”. (Garcia) Immersion programs make the projects for all of the larger part and minority on the grounds that occasionally for the minority it’s anything but a decision. The attention ought to be on the minority culture. At the point when you discover an inundation program you’re keen on it is great to search for specific indications of how the program is emphatically viable. One of the numerous things that make a program powerful is keeping up the learning language for the duration of the day in the study hall. “Your neighborhood teachers will communicate in the language in your study hall, your assignments will all be in the language of your host nation, and you’ll be relied upon to address your cohorts just utilizing that language you’re adapting (no English permitted)” said Danielle Desimone in “Why language submersion programs are so significant”. To become awkward in a circumstance here and there can make it simpler for an understudy to learn. An understudy in Speaking in Tongues needed to by and by make sense of what the instructor was stating with no information on the language. This caused him to need to rapidly think and make sense of precisely what the instructor required him to do. Not exclusively does submersion programs offer your kid researcher instruction yet gives you the training to turn into a capable bilingual laborer. “In the course of recent years, interest for bilingual specialists in the United States dramatically increased. In 2010, there were about 240,000 occupation postings went for bilingual specialists; by 2015, that figure had expanded to around 630,000”, says the New American Economy (NAE) “Sought after for Bilingual Workers”. The interest for bilingual specialists is developing quickly as years pass. Giving your kid this open door will nearly ensure your kid an occupation in the present workforce. The U.S. has become an assorted nation that most organizations can not get by any longer with simply English. The NAE keeps on expressing “Sought after for Bilingual Workers” that, “Businesses are progressively searching for laborers who can speak Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic”. Numerous drenching programs give various dialects dependent on networks dialects. These dialects are remembered for some projects because of the development of every language populace. Katie Johnston from the Boston Globe talks about, “Which work searchers on in hot interest” which are, “Banks… cellphone suppliers … Software firms… And social insurance suppliers hoping to serve the outsiders in their networks”. Not just one boss is sought after for bilingual specialists however yet numerous workforces are in open arms for the bilingual network. Your kid will be given open door with decisions about what they need to accomplish for their future. Multiculturalism is offered in the middle of the inundation programs. Multiculturalism is significant in light of the fact that it offers the understudy the chance to show various societies points of view. Robert Johnson discusses the significance of multiculturalism in Immersion Education: International Perspectives, “One of the four head objectives of drenching programs in the United States is that understudies find out about and comprehend the culture(s) of individuals who communicate in the submersion language”. In the school in the motion picture, Speaking in Tongues, their program fuses this by commending the various societies occasions or explicitly instructing that societies history. This opens the understudy’s brain to all the various potential outcomes given from various societies, that since others are extraordinary and from an alternate foundation doesn’t mean their not typical. Tara W. Fortune in “What the exploration says about Immersion” stated, “Turning out to be bilingual prompts better approaches for conceptualizing yourself as well as other people. It extends your perspective with the goal that you not just know more, you know in an unexpected way”. When being instructed about the distinctions of different societies can cause you to understand that you are not too unique. With this understudies make more grounded bonds between the way of life and the way of life individuals. The inundation program instructs and makes this attention to other people and their societies which can enable your understudy to get compassionate, quiet with each other, and break the language obstruction. Numerous guardians may believe that they needn’t bother with a drenching school that they can show their kid another dialect. Without the training plan given with the drenching programs, understudies won’t be encouraged the correct language they have to succeed. In the motion picture Speaking in Tongues, guardians didn’t comprehend the need to send their youngster to inundation since they thought since they know the language they could show it themselves. Numerous guardians may believe that since they communicate in an alternate language at home their children don’t have to learn it in school alongside English. What guardians ought to comprehend is however they communicate in the language at home it isn’t equivalent to being completely educated in the language also. Numerous understudies might be capable in talking and conceivable composition however not in the expert way required. An understudy has encountered inundation direct and has managed, “..the burdens of setting off to a drenching program for me has been not having the option to spell very well in English”. (Heidman) With drenching programs, they will show the equivalent measure of both English and unknown dialect. This will push the understudy to not get dialects confounded and be capable in the two dialects. Word Count: 1284 Work Cited DeSimone, Danielle. “Are Language Immersion Programs All They’re Cracked Up to Be?” GoAbroad.com, 21 Sept. 2017, www.goabroad.com/articles/language-study-abroad/language-inundation programs. “Interest for Bilingual Workers More than Doubled in 5 Years, New Report Shows.” New American Economy, 1 Mar. 2017, www.newamericaneconomy.org/public statement/interest for-bilingual-specialists dramatically increased in-5-years-new-report-appears/. Johnston, Katie. “Which Job Seekers Are in Hot Demand? Bilingual Workers. – The Boston Globe.” BostonGlobe.com, 13 Mar. 2017, www.bostonglobe.com/business/2017/03/12/needed bilingual-laborers/t8C9txqPmwCtIGDHX1jSTI/story.html.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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