Review the survey on The Institute for Organizational Excellence website. In an essay, address the following: Detail your thoughts on this survey. Include an…

Review the survey on The Institute for Organizational Excellence website. In an essay, address the following:

Detail your thoughts on this survey. Include an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the survey and the data it provides.The survey is most often taken on the web and is confidential. How would you motivate staff to complete it?How would you package the results for staff?How would you package and communicate the results to management?How would you motivate management to accept and respond to the results?What would you as senior management, do with the results? Why?In what ways will the organization be impacted by this information?Does this type of information affect learning, education, and planning?How would you use the survey results to improve the organization in the end?Are there other effective tools the organization can use to measure the effectiveness of employee-centric, management or training programs?

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