Suggests ways that Marketers can use the concepts from the Equity Theory as well as the Attribution Theory to impact consumer behavior to avoid cognitive…

Suggests ways that Marketers can use the concepts from the Equity Theory as well as the Attribution Theory to impact consumer behavior to avoid cognitive dissonance. Explain the concept, the consumer behavior and the impact on cognitive dissonance. You should have at least two examples using each theory as well as citations and references.

Sample Solution
Ever feel that keeping detainees in prison for a long lasting sentence is a misuse of citizen’s cash? Wish there was an alternate choice, well there is, capital punishment. Ever feel that wrongdoing rate is climbing and there isn’t an approach to keep it from expanding, during the 80’s and 90’s the point at which capital punishment was being utilized the executions there were the wrongdoing rate had plunged. Broad investigation uncovers that executions were related with 71 less passings for every year. Sure capital punishment costs something other than keeping them bolted up yet wouldn’t it be better just to execute a lawbreakers that have killed and assaulted blameless individuals that have families that won’t have the option to see them once more? Those culprits need to realize that there are deadly ramifications for the violations they submit. Capital punishment can give equity to the groups of unfortunate casualties that vibe the culprit who perpetrated a wrongdoing to a friend or family member of and just goes to prison is an affront to their family. Capital punishment is only a strategy for criminal discipline and is a superior option in contrast to a long haul jail sentence. Capital punishment was utilized all through the 80’s and 90’s and they seen that there was an abatement in wrongdoing rate. It was full of feeling since culprits realized that for the violations that they submit there were not kidding outcomes. An expansion in executions made wrongdoing rate dive in light of the fact that the culprits realized that if the carried out a genuine wrongdoing like homicide or assault that they could be looked with capital punishment in the event that they were ever brought to jail. Capital punishment can prevent wrongdoings and ought to be utilized today in such a case that it doesn’t return into utilization we can more violations and more detainees that citizens must have to pay for to keep bolted up. In any case, wasn’t capital punishment utilized from the beginning of time to appear in the event that you carry out a wrongdoing that you needed to pay for it with your life to keep up the harmony? It made individuals consider what could befall them on the off chance that they violate the law and that they needed to pay for it with their life. Sure capital punishment cost around $2 million for each case however it can anticipate future wrongdoing and lower the demise rate by 71 passings for each year. It merits the expense for detainees confronting a lifelong incarceration since it’s only a misuse of cash keeping them bolted up for that long and existence without any chance to appeal. Over the long haul capital punishment is less expensive than existence without any chance to appeal since existence without the chance for further appeal beds $1 million for 5o years, yet typically these declarations perhaps completely bogus. The JFA gauges that LWOP cases cost $1.2 million – $3.6 million which is more than what could be compared to capital punishment cases. Capital punishment can be valuable to abbreviate deep rooted jail sentences. Capital punishment can give equity to families who have lost friends and family do to a homicide. Those relatives feel that as long as the culprit is alive it is an affront to their family and the person who was killed. They simply need to realize that the person who caused them torment pays for it in light of the fact that the person who was killed didn’t merit it. It is upsetting realizing that the culprit is simply sitting in the slammer and still bursting at the seams with simply that outcome on their shoulders. Others need the person who made their enduring endure as much as they did on the grounds that it would make them consider what they did and in the event that it was justified, despite all the trouble. They feel that the culprit ought to have existence without the chance for further appeal to make sure they can stay there with the blame on their shoulders realizing what they have done to themselves and to other people.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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