Throughout this course we explored how each body system responds to bouts of aerobic and resistanceexercise. In this final paper, you will use knowledge from…

Throughout this course we explored how each body system responds to bouts of aerobic and resistanceexercise. In this final paper, you will use knowledge from each week to craft an Exercise Plan for a

fictitious client. Please include the following components in your paper, citing all resources you use in the

text as well asin your reference list.

Your client’s baseline information (age, sex, BMI, percent body fat, resting HR and estimated VO2max).Since this is fictitious, you can use your own data or make it up as long as it’s realistic.Your client’s goal(s). Some examples include increasing their aerobic fitness, increasing muscular

strength or muscular endurance, improving their body composition, etc. Remember that goals should be

“SMART” – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

A detailed 4-week exercise plan that you design to help them reach their goal(s). Include the modes ofexercise, intensity, duration, frequency and how the individual would progress as they saw improvements.

You can summarize these components in a table or use bullet points for clarity.

Include a summary describing the rationale for your plan. Include data from at least 3 research articles

that support your proposed exercise plan and its ability to meet your client’s goal(s).

Sample Solution
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