The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an annual SEC report in order to evaluate the financial strength, efficiency, and effectiveness of an organization.…

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an annual SEC report in order to evaluate the financial strength, efficiency, and effectiveness of an organization. Visit the Company Filings search page of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database website (, the link is located below if needed. Locate the company’s most recent annual report (10K) and download it.

The company I was approved for is Amazon.. Please make sure you download and company’s filing statement and provide ti with completed assignment.

Read and analyze the “Management Discussions and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” and “Financial Statements and Supplementary Data” sections of your selected company’s annual report. Based on the information found, calculate the relevant ratios and write a 500-750 word analysis providing an assessment of the following with a determination of whether your company of choice is favorable or unfavorable:

LiquidityEffectivenessLeverageProfitabilityConclude with an evaluation of the overall financial strength, efficiency, and effectiveness of the organization based on your findings.

Sample Solution
Moving to America and My Law of Life (Center School Student) In my life, I have had many high points and low points. Some minor, some major. One of the most thrilling minutes throughout my life was at seven years of age. I never truly had an aphorism or a statement that I lived by until the time of 2008 when things got truly befuddling. From that minute, I made my very own Law of Life, which was: If I made enough of an effort and not quit, I would succeed. Presently, all I needed to do was finish it. Here is the story that formed my qualities and my convictions. Everything began the late spring of 2008 when my father gained a medicinal situation at a close by emergency clinic. We needed to move from the Republic of Georgia to Connecticut, USA. For me, that implied leaving all my loved ones behind, and most intimidatingly, learning a totally different language. I didn’t understand the effect of the progress from the start. All things considered, I was just seven years of age. All things considered, the cold and unforgiving reality hit me soon enough. The late spring passed by abruptly until I was remaining in a room loaded with little kids with an amazingly obliging second grade instructor. I had not the smallest thought what was happening around me. Children were talking excessively quick, their lips moving too quickly for me to appreciate. Before sufficiently long, my mother kissed me farewell and I was disregarded, disconnected. Long story short, I didn’t comprehend anything for the duration of the day. I didn’t make any companions, and I got back home crying. That routine would proceed for half a month, wrecking me much more. I got onto a couple of new words to a great extent, however the pace was unreasonably fast for me to adjust to as fast as I trusted I would. I was taken on the school’s ESL (English Second Language) program to attempt to enable me to adapt, yet it wasn’t a lot of help. Anyway, I needed to go to something different, however what? My mother was the individual who essentially helped me build up my Law of Life and supported me in escaping the dim channel into which I felt tossed. After she saw that I wasn’t generally pushing ahead in my training because of my absence of English abilities, she chose to allude me to the library to gain from books. My mother made it understood it was my choice, not anyone else’s. That was it; that push was all that I expected to put me destined for success, and afterward, it was all up to me. I had the decision of either accepting circumstances for what they are and bit by bit setting up familiarity with English (which would take years), or I could bring things into my very own hands, and attempt to instruct myself. From the outset, I would not like to understand books and retaining words while different children my age played outside with their companions, be that as it may, in the event that I needed to succeed, did I have a lot of a decision? Along these lines, my choice was made, and the library visit was planned. It would be the first of many. In the library, I would take out a horde of Amelia Bedelia and Nate the Great books. The content was enormous and simple to peruse which was ideal for my circumstance. Before long, with my mother’s assistance, I was articulating and learning the significance of totally new words and expressions. The improvement was quick. In simply a question of weeks, I had the option to impart on an amateur/middle of the road level with my friends, and things at long last began to turn upward. I didn’t stop there. I was resolved to move on from the ESL program lastly resemble every other person. (Fitting in was critical to me at that age). Along these lines, starting there on, my mother drove me to library each and every day, since I would fly through up to six short stories in a day, and required day by day fortifications. At that point, I would continue to complete the five-minute schoolwork I had for the afternoon and drench myself in those short story books, picking up jargon, improving my spelling, and speeding up. Notwithstanding perusing, I had found another route at which I could learn. One thing that perusing didn’t give me was the guidelines on the best way to articulate the words I read. In this way, I went to Disney Channel appears. It may be viewed as odd, however I would record one thirty-minute scene and replay it up to multiple times. That way, each time, I would comprehend somewhat a greater amount of the plot and what the characters were stating. I would essentially remember their entire discussions, how they articulate their words, and in what setting I could utilize them. This additionally made perusing a lot simpler for me since I didn’t need to illuminate the words in my mind. Or maybe, I could simply recall how it was said and read it fluidly. That was a huge advance forward in my voyage. I graduated the ESL program in third grade. My instructor expressed that I had the fastest time in completing the program, a matter of just eighteen months. Different children that I learned with remained until fifth or perhaps sixth grade to wrap up. Obviously, I wasn’t extraordinary. The various children there could have advanced at a similar rate, yet they picked another course. At last, I don’t generally lament the time I went through sitting with my nose in a book or re-watching a show’s scene until I comprehended it totally. In the event that I had not attempted and attempted again to prevail with regards to learning English at the quickest speed conceivable, I would, doubtlessly, not have achieved a large number of the things I have today. In contrast with six years prior, I’m in a vastly improved spot. Indeed, even right up ’til the present time, despite everything I keep a portion of my old jargon/spelling tests from second grade, beginning from the first, to the last. It is continually satisfying to see the improvement just as the long way I have come. By putting stock in myself and in the possibility that on the off chance that I made enough of an effort I would succeed, I gradually carved my Law of Life into all that I do. Numerous children imagine that they aren’t brilliant, aren’t athletic, or just can’t in any way, shape or form accomplish what they need since they didn’t achieve it on the principal attempt. It’s not the quantity of attempts that issues, yet the inevitable achievement, that is the thing that truly tallies. From that day on, at whatever point I fizzle or miss the mark, I realize that i should simply go past the limits and invest more energy, over and over. At exactly that point, will I succeed. My Law of Life can without much of a stretch be applied to my life now and to my future. The thought itself is very all inclusive. Anybody can utilize it. As Jim Rohn, inspirational orator says, “In the event that you truly need something, you will discover a way. On the off chance that you don’t, you will discover a reason.” For my situation, at whatever point I fall flat at an athletic occasion or don’t do well on a test, I generally remember that I won’t quit, however attempt again with another procedure for progress until I get it.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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