You and a partner are considering purchasing and starting up a franchise. Between you, you have $75,000 and can possibly obtain an additional $25,000 in…

You and a partner are considering purchasing and starting up a franchise. Between you, you have

$75,000 and can possibly obtain an additional $25,000 in funding. You know you are both interested in

either:A health/fitness/wellness franchise ORA fast-food franchise ORA service industry franchise (such as a realty office, a lawn or house service, or something that serves anorganization). The industries must be similar (ie, house cleaning vs house service, not house cleaning

versus realty office).You [the student] are to select one of the above as part of this discussion assignment. Then research twoactual franchises that fall into your desired selection (from above) and that meet the financial restraints

under which you are operating. In your original posting:Identify the type of franchise you’re selecting (from above)Identify two actual franchises that fall within your financial range; being sure to look at the complete

financial requirements;Perform a comparative analysis on the two, telling us what city you are planning to open them in (hint: mayhelp you research the viability of your franchise).Be sure to read the franchise rules and supply the URL you’ve accessed.Identify which of the two you would be most apt to select, and why ethically or unethically? Are there any

ways you would not want your design to be used at all?

Sample Solution

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