Using APA-formatting with references, please prepare bullets / talking points (with citations) to discuss the following: What were the fraudulent activities in this case?Describe the…

Using APA-formatting with references, please prepare bullets / talking points (with citations) to discuss the


What were the fraudulent activities in this case?Describe the internal controls that were missing or circumvented. Review the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to

review appropriate internal controls and required reporting.What were the problems in the corporate governance and/or organizational structure at Koss?What are the major requirements of SOX with regards to corporate governance and/or organizational

structure?Using your MBA brililance, please tell us how the corporate management and accounting function at Koss

should have been organized.What should Julie Mulvaney have done when Sue Sachdeva requested her to assist in the fraud?






Sample Solution
Step by step instructions to Cook Rice GuidesorSubmit my paper for investigation Cooking rice doesn’t appear that entangled. Notwithstanding, there are such a significant number of various approaches to set it up. Each culinary convention has differing techniques on the most proficient method to cook rice to flawlessness. For this procedure paper, we will concentrate on three different ways of setting up the most ideal rice. The contrasts between the strategies may appear to be minute, yet the taste is endlessly unique with every strategy. We will investigate Gordon Ramsay’s style of planning rice, the magazine Fine Cooking’s technique, and Martha Stewart’s method for setting it up. Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well known gourmet experts on the planet. He is well known on TV and for his eateries. Ramsay is likewise known for being an incredible educator. He makes recordings on the most proficient method to get ready moderately basic dishes, for example, rice. His technique for cooking is as per the following: 1) Get 400 grams of rice (ideally basmati). 2) Use cold water to flush the residue and starch from the rice. 3) Place the rice in a skillet. Include some cardamom units (torn open), star anise, salt, and pepper. 4) Add one and a half part chilly water. 5) Get the cover on, heat to the point of boiling, at that point turn the warmth down to let it steam for around 8-10 minutes. 6) Keep the top on all through the steaming procedure. 7) Get the cardamom units and star anise out, and utilize a fork to isolate the rice a piece by running the fork through the rice a couple of times. 8) The rice is fit to be served (Shukla, Pragati). This formula makes for a fragrant and out and out delectable basmati rice dish. Serving curry on this rice adds to its delectableness. Next up, the magazine Fine Cooking has its own interpretation of cooking white rice. Despite the fact that basmati is the lord of rice, white rice can be delicious too. As indicated by Fine Cooking, to set up the ideal white rice, these are the means: 1) Rinse the rice a couple of times in cool water to expel starch, powder, and to make it less clingy. You can likewise choose drenching the rice for 30 minutes. 2) Add water to the rice in a container. “When in doubt, utilize 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 cups of water for some long-grain white rice, however you may need to explore a little to discover the sum you like best. Remember that more water gives you milder, stickier rice—extraordinary for sautés. Less water brings about firmer rice, a great style for rice plates of mixed greens” (King, Niloufer). 3) Put the skillet of rice on delicate warmth with a tight-fitting pot top. 4) Let the rice cook and steam for around 12 minutes. At this point, the water ought to have been assimilated into the rice and the rice ought to be firm. 5) Have the rice sit off the warmth with the top on for 5-30 minutes. This permits all the layers of the rice to be as cushioned as the rest, as the dampness redistributes. This may not be as delectable Ramsay’s rice, yet it guarantees that the rice is uniform and soft (King, Niloufer). In conclusion, we have Martha Stewart’s prescribed technique for cooking rice. She likewise has a formula for cooking white rice. Her style of making rice is very straightforward. It likewise doesn’t have a lot of flavoring, other than salt. The way toward making this assortment of rice doesn’t have numerous means: 1) Bring 1/½ cups of water to a bubble in a normal dish. 2) Stir in 1 cup of long-grain white rice and ½ teaspoon of salt, and heat it to the point of boiling again on medium-high warmth. 3) Take down the warmth to make the rice stew. Spread the container. 4) Cook the rice for around 16 to 18 minutes, until the rice is delicate and all the water is no more. 5) Take it away from the warmth and permit it to steam while secured for 10 minutes. 6) Run a fork through the rice to lighten it up. 7) Now it is fit to be served (“Perfect White Rice”). To abridge, three distinct techniques for cooking rice was inspected: Gordon Ramsay’s fragrant basmati rice, Fine Cooking’s logical method for getting ready white rice, and Martha Stewart’s basic strategy for cooking white rice. Every way has its own benefits and just self-experimentation will decide your top pick. Works Cited Shukla, Pragati. “Step by step instructions to Cook Light, Fluffy and Delicious Rice, According to Gordon Ramsay.” NDTV Food, 6 Oct. 2015, drinks/how-to-cook-light-cushioned and- scrumptious rice-as indicated by gordon-ramsay-759895. Ruler, Niloufer. “The most effective method to Cook Rice Perfectly – How-To.” FineCooking, 13 July 2017, “Immaculate White Rice.” Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, 16 Mar. 2019, white-rice.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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