There are three (3) students studying diploma first year in HCT. They want to purchase three (3) items such as pen, pencil and eraser. So,…

There are three (3) students studying diploma first year in HCT. They want to purchase three (3) items such as pen, pencil and eraser. So, they went to the college store to purchase the said items. The store keeper informed the students about the total number of items: 9 pens, 7 pencils and 6 Erasers only available in the shop. He collected maximum requirement from the students and allocated some items to the students and informed them about the rest of the items available in the shop as shown in the table below:

There are four students from Diploma 1st year who wants to clarify their Operating System doubts to their class teacher. The teacher is asking their Wilayat. Some students are coming from Muscat and the rest of the students are coming outside of Muscat. The teacher is giving preference depending on their distance. Those who are coming from Muscat will get more waiting time, and outside Muscat students will get less waiting time as shown in the table. Find suitable scheduling algorithm to draw the Gantt chart and calculate waiting and average waiting time.

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