Naturally, companies need to make money to survive and thrive. In order to maximize profits, it is important that companies take into consideration their customers/clients…

Naturally, companies need to make money to survive and thrive. In order to maximize profits, it is

important that companies take into consideration their customers/clients when making business

decisions. This includes knowing the following:

Who the customer is (demographics = D)What their needs and wants are (NW)What their purchase behaviors entail (PB)Their likes and dislikes (LD).

Prepare a list of at least 20 questions that would help you learn more about your potential


Create a two column table (you can use Excel or Word). Column 1 should be labeled “Question” (and it is in

this column you list each of your questions). Column 2 should be labeled “Information,” and should include

what type of data (D, NW, PB, LD) each question will provide you.

Write 1-2 paragraphs that provides an explanation of the content of the table. Explain how you will use the

data from the table to better understand your customers

Sample Solution
When Was Jesus Born? GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination Jesus Christ is one of the most well known figures of history and religion. Despite the fact that the verifiable proof of him living isn’t so generous, there is sufficient information to guarantee he was a genuine individual. In any case, with his reality guaranteed by data outside the Bible, there are as yet numerous secrets about him. One such problem is the point at which he was conceived. Truth be told, “when was Jesus conceived” is a top inquiry on the web. There are numerous speculations about when he was conceived regarding the year and month, and even day. These speculations have been obfuscated by misconceptions, social standards, and an absence of solid proof. In any case, this article will dive into the different speculations behind his birthdate and attempt to get to the base of the inquiry. In spite of the fact that a great many people commend the introduction of Christ on December 25th as Christmas, most researchers concur this isn’t the date he was conceived. Indeed, as expressed by, “The most established existing record of a Christmas festivity is found in a Roman chronological registry that recounts a Christ’s Nativity celebration drove by the congregation of Rome in 336 A.D. The exact motivation behind why Christmas came to be commended on December 25 stays darken, however most scientists accept that Christmas began as a Christian substitute for agnostic festivals of the winter solstice” (“Christ Is Born?”). In this way, commending his introduction to the world on December 25th was a greater amount of an adjustment to agnostic customs as opposed to an adherence to a definite date. A few researchers take a gander at the Bible for proof of when he was conceived. For example, LiveScience states that, “A few researchers imagine that he was conceived between 6 B.C. furthermore, 4 B.C., in view of on the scriptural story of Herod the Great. Not well before Herod’s destruction, which is accepted to have happened in 4 B.C., the leader of Judea evidently requested the demise of every single male newborn child who were younger than two and lived in the region of Bethlehem, trying to execute Jesus. However, antiquarians differ about Herod’s genuine year of death” (Castro, Joseph). Likewise, researchers for the most part expect the mass child murder depicted in the Bible to be a legend rather a verifiable truth. What’s more, the Star of Bethlehem elucidated in the Bible showing up on the day Jesus was conceived is now and again associated with a cosmic occasion that occurred on 5 B.C. that was noted by Chinese cosmologists as a moderate moving comet (Castro, Joseph). As a side note, some Bible researchers trust Christ was conceived in the spring or summer because of shepherds looking out for their groups as expressed in the Bible, which would not have occurred in winter. Shockingly, even PC models have been utilized to compute the time of Jesus’ introduction to the world date dependent on cosmology. As indicated by LiveScience, “In 2008, stargazer Dave Reneke contended that Jesus was conceived in the mid year. The Star of Bethlehem, Reneke disclosed to New Scientist, may have been Venus and Jupiter meeting up to shape a brilliant light in the sky. Utilizing PC models, Reneke verified that this uncommon occasion happened on June 17, in the year 2 B.C.” (Castro, Joseph). In any case, inverse suppositions have been made by researchers, by putting Jesus’ introduction to the world in harvest time with an uncommon galactic occasion occurring at 7 B.C. At long last, it is for the most part accepted, with certain questions about its precision, that the Roman domain took a statistics during a great time. This evaluation was referenced in the Bible, however it appears there may be blunders as far as dates referenced. In any case, on the off chance that there were a registration during Jesus’ life, at that point there is some proof for the surmised time he was conceived. As per, “Quirinius represented Syria during this equivalent timeframe, with records of an enumeration that remembered Judea for roughly 6 B.C. A few researchers banter whether this is the enumeration referenced by Luke, however it appears to be a similar occasion. In light of these recorded subtleties, the most probable time of Christ’s introduction to the world in Bethlehem is 6-5 B.C.” (“What Year Was Jesus Christ Born?”). Accordingly, with some assistance from verifiable records, we can put Jesus’ date of birth as very near the beginning of the A.D. course of events. Despite the fact that we can’t be sure about Jesus’ season of birth, most researchers accept through chronicled records, the Bible, and stargazing that he was conceived around the hour of 1 AD in either the mid year or spring. There are a huge number of speculations, in spite of the absence of proof that we have. What’s more, along these lines, there may consistently be vulnerability about Jesus’ date and time of birth. Works Cited “Christ Is Born?”, A&E Television Networks, 4 Mar. 2010, ever/christ-is-conceived. Castro, Joseph. “When Was Jesus Born?” LiveScience, Purch, 30 Jan. 2014,>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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