GUI required in this assignment

For convenience of marking, please use the local IP: for the submitted versii no GUI required in this assignment. You can choose to use…

For convenience of marking, please use the local IP: for the submitted versii no GUI required in this assignment. You can choose to use existing library functions or open source code to implei operations, and SH A-I. You should provide a reference if you use a downloaded Mark distribution:

UDP connection: 2 marks 2. RSA key generation: l mark 3. Identification protocol implementation: 4 marks 4. Proper message display: 1 mark The code that cannot be compiled or executed will receive a zero mark. Part 2: Protocol analysis Explain the purpose of using the nonce NA in the protocol. 2. What is the advantage if we replace the plain RSA encryption by a randomi: scheme (e.g., the ElGamal encryption)? 3. Suppose we replace the plain RSA encryption by a more secure version (e.g. R! secure against active attackers? Justify your answer. 4. Modify the protocol so that Bob can also authenticate Alice. Files to All source codes (Do not submit any executable). A readme file (text/ACSII only): instructions about how to compile and run your Your answers for Part 2. Submission Compress all the files to be submitted into a zip file and submit it via the submission Iii site. Late Submission: Penalty is 25% deduction per day (including weekends). Plagiarism A plagiarised assignment will receive a zero mark and be penalised according to the u detection software will be used.

The speed at which organizations oper,tye . extraorclinarilyefast IneedrleheerZZI,tync:r?:!=pntTirtno .mwarAlpe:r:nadr sometimes control of a Vet:71:::i7e::TrterklYregattut. V:ertr:Iosidtis decisions n have dramatic consequences that reverberate through°ut the organization causing even more problems. Therefore, it is Important that leaders make decisions ethically and in the best interests organization alfm7ntgr,r ellcmi oriZ:tlesrayad of the organization. Alignment helps to ensure the underlying rtertaPPrZrt% the7gaTfa!cr re7kZ and helps o propelthetzaonfvactC achieve objectives in pursuit of the vision. However, the quality and effectiveness of the decision can be enhanced or hampered depending delegation allows esti=ingrcs.1hlasignrentlI allow to analyze the importance of strategic alignment describe how delegation impacts ethical decision making, and explain how leaders can leverage this to make ethical strategic decisions. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: • Instructors will be using a grading rubric to grade the :::?4,70% :eg’s,r,„7,grnT,:nadsVgirrZtairr,”:sd:It:’,Iterne fsaunctasrstrZp=”grt;Itet:;,rannednrPectati°” • Doctoral leamers are required to use APA style for writing assignments. APA Style Guide is lot:dthe I Center. • Thsrslignrenre thatiTTtrd:gl schoaryreslarch=srelgec:tit:pTrat least one in-text citation from each source be included. • :fle7t=i7Vt%snusbinnIteh:::: assignment “sr= Vc’el:rrite. Directions: s.Wtrantegai,PaalPrgrn’tent,5’describingiC rdaanalyzingd i tohneinr::)7crtisa ethical decision making, and explaining how leaders can leverage this to make ethical strategic decisions. Include the following: 1. A research-supported analysis of the Importance of aligning strategy, vision, and decision making in an organization. 2. :rhexrdceheibsIsnedrndaizcnugssion of how delegation impacts 317e:ge recth:uarg rntleednrbVtaw”e’Vri°:tilteh;aleaders vocnatno make ethical strategic decisions. Attempt Start Date: 26-Mar-2020 at 12:00:00 AM Due Date: 15-Apr-2020 at 11:59:59 PM Maximum Points: 237.0

Directions: Write a paper (1,250-1,500 words) discussing the leaders role in taking risks when making strategic daerTz707,1″stTtreTld rrintgaaging:12’aelotaTd virtual global environments. Include the following: 1. A research-based explanation of why it is important for leaders to take risks when making strategic decisions. rhicsteiasrtcr,hilegaiVrielvoasitulobnarpflyrrekd tTcleirliTteslIZIVIof adverse erects of the decisions?

A research-based rcuTn7f1;organizationalr nost condcivetorsk.:ngW1 some structuresoeterthan others for encouraging risk-taking? (Benchmarks C6.1: Evaluate organizational structures and determine the feasibility of each.) ‘Umakingdescription c.o least two differences in organizations. Attempt Start Date: 16-Apr-2020 at 12:00:00 AM Due Date: 29-Apr-2020 at 11:59:59 PM Maximum Points: 237
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