Health Hazard Analysis – Industrial Hygiene

You have been tasked with identifying health hazards associated with a production line at a manufacturing facility. Employees at the beginning of the line use…

You have been tasked with identifying health hazards associated with a production line at a manufacturing facility.

Employees at the beginning of the line use a solvent to clean the surface of medium-size auto parts, and then they place the parts on a moving line. As the parts move along the line, an employee sprays them with a powder coating, and the parts move through an oven. Another employee removes the parts from the line and places them in slots in a cart for transporting to shipping.

You have been provided safety data sheets for the solvent used for cleaning the parts (click here to access) and the powder coating that is used (click here to access). Use the JHA form to identify the potential health hazards associated with the process. Click here to access the Basic Job Hazard Analysis form.

Prepare a two-page homework assignment summarizing your health hazard analysis and answer these questions from the Basic Job Hazard Analysis form.

What are the health hazards associated with the operation?What are the primary exposure routes associated with each health hazard?Are there any potential acute or chronic health effects for any of the health hazards you identified?Are special hazards associated with any of the health hazards?

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