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You are a consultant working for a company that provides strategy and HR consulting to the healthcare industry.Your client group includes community-based healthcare facilities such…

You are a consultant working for a company that provides strategy and HR consulting to the healthcare industry.Your client group includes community-based healthcare facilities such as Urgent Care and other healthcare clinics. Most of these organizations follow a corporate level strategy focused on providing patients with fast, reliable service.Patients want to trust in the care they are receiving and to be taken care of quickly.The majority of patients return to the same facility, so you are recommending that your clients (the healthcare facilities) include patient retention goals in the strategic plan for the upcoming year.

Since this particular segment within the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly competitive, your consulting company is recommending their clients distinguish themselves from competitors by creating a niche approach that follows the Container Store and Costco’s total rewards philosophies as described in Steve Gross’s video lecture, “What is Fair Pay”, and as presented in a Harvard Business Review article entitled, “How 4 Retailers Became “Best Places to Work”. See an excerpt from the article below:

While each company takes a somewhat different approach, there are a few common themes:

Maintain high expectations – All four retailers demand a lot from employees, but those demands are evident throughout the enterprise – executives are held to them as much (if not more) than front-line employees.

Empower employees – Employees that are empowered to make decisions and take action enable those employees to meet demanding goals.

Encourage teamwork and team success – A demanding work environment not properly managed could lead to competition between individuals that ends up being detrimental to the company as a whole. By encouraging team spirit, individuals’ competitive energies are channeled in productive ways.

Pay people well – Ever wonder why shopping at Costco feels a lot different than shopping at Target? There are lots of reasons, of course, but one important difference is that Costco employees are paid well. In the words of Costco’s CEO: “good pay means good things for the business.”

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