Implementing Enterprise Information Management System

A large direct health and insurance medical provider needed an enterprise information management system to enable enterprise-wide information management and to support the effective use…

A large direct health and insurance medical provider needed an enterprise information management system to enable enterprise-wide information management and to support the effective use of data for critical cross-functional decision making. In addition, the company needed to resolve issues related to data redundancy, inconsistency, and unnecessary expenditure. The company faced several information challenges: The company data resided in multiple locations, the data were developed for department-specific use, and there was limited enterprise access. In addition, data definitions were created by individual departments and were not standardized, and data were being managed by multiple departments within the company.

Action Items

Given the situation, What solution would you propose for this company?Discuss the role that data modeling would play in a project to solve this problem.Support or Oppose the above statements with arguments.

Sample Solution
Air contamination will be defilement of the indoor or open air condition by any compound, physical or organic specialist that alters the regular attributes of the environment (WHO, n.d.). There are numerous wellsprings of air contamination however the fundamental driver of air contamination in Cambodia is the expanding number of vehicles out and about and old generators, which use fills to help mechanical exercises and administrations (Country Environmental Profile: Cambodia, 2012). Phnom Penh civil authorities expressed there were 400,000 engine vehicles and more than one million bikes working in Phnom Penh in 2015. The more the transportation, the more fuel consumed and toxins discharged. The consuming of the oil causes the discharge of messy gases straightforwardly into the air. The several tuk-tuks and transports consistently working around the Angkor Wat region essentially compromise the air quality there. In 2014, the Global Post detailed that the air contamination in Angkor Wat, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a huge issue (Open Development Cambodia, 2016). Ventures and little creation offices additionally transmit gases, for example, nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone (O3) because of the burning of petroleum derivative (Phyrun, 2013). This prompts the expansion of the degree of air contamination. The key test that Cambodia’s vitality division faces is overwhelming reliance on non-renewable energy source. The vast majority of the vitality created in Cambodia originate from overwhelming fuel oil and diesel generators (Open Development Cambodia, 2015). Cambodia depends for the most part on non-renewable energy source in the generation of power. This offers ascend to genuine air contamination. As indicated by the World Bank assortment of improvement markers, Cambodia devoured an aggregate of 30.68 % of non-renewable energy source vitality in 2014 (Trading Economics, n.d.). Non-renewable energy source comprises of coal, oil, oil, and flammable gas items. The utilization of hydro vitality, wind vitality and sun oriented vitality are: Hydro vitality utilization (% in TFEC): 1.99 % Wind vitality utilization (% in TFEC): 0 % Sun oriented vitality utilization (% in TFEC): 0.0115 % (Source: Trading Economics. product vitality utilization percent-of-complete wb-data.html ) In addition, felling woods to verify momentary monetary increases for scarcely any people and gatherings, through land concessions that are granted either for cultivating or mineral extraction, prompts the annihilation of a great part of the timberland spread. This is another undermining ecological issue in Cambodia (Country Environmental Profile: Cambodia, 2012). The pace of deforestation and corruption ascends because of the expanded logging exercises, uncontrolled backwoods fires, expanded interest for agrarian land and fuelwood for charcoal generation just as other residential use (Phyrun, 2013). Deforestation influences the air that human relax. This is on the grounds that all trees take in carbon dioxide and different contaminations which are known to cause a great deal of issues in the climate. Thus, human need to take in dirtier and contaminated air. Arrangements The most accessible assets of Cambodia to determine the air contamination are hydroelectric power, sun oriented vitality, wind vitality and backwoods. Elective vitality sources incorporate hydropower and sun oriented are viewed as plenteous. The capability of these assets remains to a great extent undiscovered. Cambodia is blessed with a high specialized potential for hydropower, assessed at 8,000 to 10,000 MW of introduced limit (Country Environmental Profile: Cambodia, 2012). The nation’s hydroelectric creating potential is extensive, particularly from the quick ebb and flow of the center Mekong River where it courses through Stoeng Treng and Kracheh territories. Cambodia’s fundamental normal asset is the woodlands, which spread roughly 70 percent of the nation (Ross, 1990). To adapt to the issue of air contamination brought about by transportation, carpooling and the utilizing of open transportation ought to be actualized. Government ought to give progressively open vehicles that enough to oblige the quantity of residents particularly during top hours. Government ought to likewise urge the individuals to partake in carpooling so as to decrease the quantity of vehicles out and about. Rather than utilizing petroleum products to create vitality, the nation can utilize hydroelectric power, wind vitality and sun based vitality as the elective vitality sources. As the populace increments and industry extends, Cambodia’s utilization of power has been developing quickly. There is a need to develop the vitality division in an ecologically manageable manner. As I would like to think, the consuming non-renewable energy sources ought to be prohibited in creating power. Cambodia should utilize the accessible vitality sources incorporate hydroelectric power, wind vitality and sunlight based vitality. Cambodia ought to use these vitality sources in the power generation. This can viably lessen the discharge of the grimy gases into the environment and upgrade the air quality in Cambodia. Clearing of backwoods prompts expanded carbon impression. Trees have a great deal of advantages, for example, ingest carbon dioxide and remove oxygen to give natural air. Leeway of timberland prompts outflows of noteworthy measures of CO2. The best answer for deforestation is to moderate the woods. As the principle characteristic asset of Cambodia, backwoods ought to be secured and use admirably. In the wake of doing a few investigates, I locate that creating ecotourism is the most ideal approach to advance economical ranger service the board and protection of nature. Ecotourism has an extraordinary potential to spare the woodland and keep up high biodiversity backwoods biological systems. Individuals in Cambodia can appreciate a superior nature of air simultaneously.>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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