The United Arab Emirates, popularly referred to as the UAE, is a young country with vibrant economy. Higher educational institutions in the country were first geared towards vocational training and as a result, Colleges of Technology were opened in 1988. ICT has also been uplifted in UAE schools following the education reforms announced by ADEC in 2006. It can therefore be concluded that some of the most promising and innovative practices in the education sector in UAE involves technology. Firms as well as several corporations have not been left behind as they try to align with the changing times of technology. The paper aims at addressing the given concepts that are being used towards improving technology in the United Arab Emirates. In an emerging economy like that of UAE, investors are continuously coming in hence suggesting a high competitive arena. This can as well be boosted by various companies keeping in touch with changes in technology.

Improving Technology in Operational Management

Most Middle East countries are recording an increasing growth rate in using the internet. This is a sign that challenges in terms of technological expertise will be realized. However, it is important to point out that there has been slow progress in the rate of investing in technology sector. In order to lift the technological capability of the UAE, it will be necessary to make considerable financial as well as resource investment. This will also be followed up by the introduction of policy changes that entail innovation strategies.

Innovation and divides

As changes in technology continue to materialize, government officials as well as corporate institutions are advancing on the need to refer to the reliable and timely data so as to be able to asses and modify given data. Towards this cause, it will be necessary to monitor and evaluate e-strategies towards financing initiatives.

Renewing the record of producing and exporting ICT products

Following a report released by the UN commission, it was found that UAE has a poor record for the production as well as exporting of ICT products and services. It is therefore important, in order to improve operational management through technology, to develop a strong official support in the technology sector. Major companies employing the services of technology should focus on investing on new and emerging technology.

Improving ICT legislation & regulations

Another aspect that ought to be considered in the UAE towards improving technology will be to enact the ICT legislation, regulations as well as enforcements. This is because the United Arab Emirates have limitations in the laws that protect consumer’s confidential information and privacy. This is also seen in the national copyright as well as intellectual property laws which are poorly enforced. There should be in place adequate regulatory structures that will govern telecommunications and the internet.

Legal and regulatory Issues

The environment in the United Arab Emirates is characterized with underdeveloped legal and regulatory system that presents obstacles the development and innovation of technology. The local demands in operational management in the United Arab Emirates have not been met due to several reasons. One such factor is the creation of the intellectual property’s rights and the ICT sector which have been directed towards meeting the international demands. This has left local business being left unattended. Most countries in the Middle East are not keen on enacting laws and regulations that will render information secure. The United Arab Emirates should therefore respond to the demands of privacy to information by creating an environment where such laws exist. The government of UAE in conjunction with the private sector should create avenues where there is a high level of IP protection and enforcement. Furthermore, consumer privacy in UAE must be focused upon so as to improve the level of technology.

UAE must on a continuous basis combine new regulations offered by the United Nations with the local qualifications. Laws must be passed for instance, the Cyber Crime Law that focuses on fighting those who misuse cyber space and the emerging technology. Legislation must also be directed towards privacy, jurisdiction, data protection and the domain names so as to improve on operational management in the United Arab Emirates.

Personal Computers penetration and digital content

The rates at which personal computers are penetrating into operational management in the United Arab Emirates are still very low. Citizens’ should be encouraged to buy more personal computers to boost operational management. This will be seen as encouraging and boosting the rate at which work is accomplished. Awareness should be created by the government to encourage more users of personal computers and also provide internet services which are easily affordable by all. This is also seen as limiting the level of marketing when it comes to Web page marketing. One option that should be developed to effectively use technology and improve its usage is through gaining access to computers and making good use of them.


E-Commerce must also be improved to limit the low rates that have been recorded in the country. Operational management can be made easier if communication link between businesses to business is effective. This is enabled through developing an E-commerce activity. Companies must therefore be encouraged to device online marketing and trading so as to boost this concept towards improving technology in the country. The government should also move increasing amounts of tender offer as well as payments activities online. This will encourage more users to be well informed on the changing faces of technology.

Majority of Business people in the United Arab Emirates should develop a culture where they appreciate the advent of technology. This is why they have not yet gained an insight on the profits that can be brought through applying ICT to business. An alliance should be formed between the business sector and the government of United Arab Emirates. It should be incumbent for the government to create awareness that will increase the number of regional institutions that use the internet in their daily operations. Companies must also be flexible towards migration to online purchase and sales transactions. There should be mechanism in place that will create legal framework that protects e-commerce in the various companies in operation within the United Arab Emirates.


The United Arab Emirates should effectively enhance the provisions of services and information to its citizens via the e-government. Registrations and other forms of service delivery should be encouraged through the e-government. These might include the use of smart cards during shopping ventures, biometrics and public key infrastructures.


In order to improve on technology and result in the flourishing of the economy, there is need to develop innovations. A strong commitment on the part of private sectors as well as the government in innovation will lead to improved ties in promoting technology. Resources towards implementing technology should be availed for its lack has led to a major challenge towards innovation. Organizations are also advised to avoid being too rigid for this is another way that hinders prosperity of technology. The market condition in the country should enhance an enabling environment where prosperity of technology might thrive. It is also important to indicate that provision of a market data and analysis in regard to trends will determine how technology is perceived with the dispatch of information.

Education Sector

As have been earlier mentioned, it is important that the delivery of education on emerging technology be incorporated in the syllabus. Young men and women must get conversed with technology at an early stage to avoid the system being taken out through irrelevance. This can be enhanced through the public-private partnership. The education system should also unleash the innovation of students as well as teachers by effectively using the ICT system. The capacity of the local ICT industry should be increased to cater for increasing demands through learning and business. As part of the education reforms, a system that will be emulated with other developing nations should be put in place. This will enable an exchange program that will promote the ICT sector and as a result, boost the level of operation in institutions.


The Paper has presented the various ways through which technology can be improved in the United Arab Emirates. This encompassed by several other factors gears towards improving the level through which communication is made. It has also outlined the various steps that the government should undertake towards the same course.


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