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As a continuation from the Social justice presentation, you completed ( 82205378), I have uploaded the previous work i am referring to below. You are…

As a continuation from the Social justice presentation, you completed ( 82205378), I have uploaded the previous work i am referring to below. You are required to do a complete individual learning analysis in which you will critically reflect on the full process while including both personal and contribution from course articles you used during the previous presentation which i will upload as well. And focus on the course objective which is “understanding and teaching in social work. ( Course description has been uploaded to give you a better understanding of the course) You are required to write an individual analysis in which you critically reflect on the full process regarding the learning event/social justice presentation you created (including your experience of the workshopping, presenting and feedback you got from your group). This will include personal insights from the presentation and research you did; contributions of course articles and materials, as well as course objectives, to your understanding of teaching and learning for change in a social work context. This should include some focus on what the course articles, readings/materials contributed to your understanding of knowledge; on the different perspectives that are presented in this course; and on the teaching and learning techniques used for your presentation. Message from Instructor: As I am looking at your finalized presentations and analyzing the work you have done I keep going back to the course objectives, and want to remind you that these are great themes to use in your analysis – how do you think you “embodied” these or used as a guideline (any or all) in your presentations: Course Goals and Objectives To explore the complexities of how knowledge is produced and disseminated To become more conscious of how, as social workers, we participate in knowledge production and “truth”-making as educators and as learners To explore the concept of power and its centrality in conceptualizing the relationships between knowledge, learning and teaching, and social justice To explore and analyze the effectiveness of critical anti-oppressive discourses and their potential for use in challenging systemic inequality in a range of educational and learning contexts To identify opportunities for using education as a tool for change To develop skills for planning and delivering learning events To emphasize discourses that are directly critical of the range of sites of oppression and marginalization in any teaching/learning context APA FORMAT IS NEEDED. Please send me a message if you have any questions. LENGTH: 1500 2000 WORDS. GRADING CRITERIA: ? Demonstrate a capacity to engage with your learning critically. ? Demonstrate critical thinking skills (not the same as critiquing and describing). ? Demonstrate an ability to engage critically with course materials as it relates to your analysis. Use of several references required. ? Writing style: grammar, organization, referencing and observance of academic writing conventions and the use of APA format.

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