Information security issues and threats in Saudi Arabia

As additional background, read the following articles: Alzahrani, A., & Khalid, R. (2016). Information security issues and threats in Saudi Arabia: A research survey. IJCSI…

As additional background, read the following articles:

Alzahrani, A., & Khalid, R. (2016). Information security issues and threats in Saudi Arabia: A research survey. IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, 13(6).

Sjouwerman, S. (2017). Phishing and social engineering in 2018: Is the worst yet to come? Retrieved from

In your analysis, highlight and share an experiment that you might utilize to perform a social engineering attack on a Saudi company. Discuss what methods and weaknesses you would use to exploit the employees to try and gain positive access and/or control. Include any additional recommendations to the company/employees to protect against such exploitation

Sample Solution
.) Path- goal theory: In Mamus business enterprise, path-goal theory shows how a leader inspires their subordinates to accomplish certain goals and objective for effective outcome. Through the use of this approach, staffs can also be motivated through team spirit achieve goal/objective. And goal is to increase the employee’s inspiration , empowerment and satisfaction so that employees can be more productive member in the business and through the basic step such as determining of employee and environmental characteristic, choosing of leadership style and focus on inspirational factor which help employee succeed is also early managed and applied within the business for effective outcome. ii.) Contingency theory: Is a management and leadership theory is a class of behavioural theory which believes there is no one best way of organising or leading but rather the appropriate form depends on the kind of task or the environment one is dealing with. So therefore, success is based on the kind of leadership style been applied, the nature of team and the kind of situation one is dealing with. For instances in a situation whereby Mamus enterprise are short of staffs in the department of packaging and supplying to customers, as a team leader I can applied the approach of the democratic style of leadership which a process that deals with group decision making within an organization like the trust for instance they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit and high morale. Challenges of Leadership and Management Practice Leadership and management constantly present challenges both to the leader’s abilities and to her as a person especially has things changes without successful leaders/managers business could become unproductive because change itself brings challenges and no matter how good a leader his him/her can’t stop change from happening but how a leader handles those challenges will define him/her as a leader within an organisation function. Some of the challenges manager’s encounters are as follow: I.) Communication: is one of most common challenges leaders experience within the function of business. And as a leader it’s expected of them to possess an effective communication skills in order to convey effective information to their subordinates so as to achieve effective result in turns besides of that>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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