Information System and Technology management

A common viewpoint is that every organization, whether profit seeking or not, can benefit from at least a modest level of use of Information Systems.…

A common viewpoint is that every organization, whether profit seeking or not, can benefit from at least a modest level of use of Information Systems. Think about an organization that you have been associated with in the past, or an organization in an industry or market of interest to you, or an activity in your work experience or personal life in which an Information System seems to play an influential role or have the potential to play such a role. Identify and briefly describe the case you have in mind.

Now, in the context of the case you have been thinking about, comment on the following two situations in about 250 words each:

— Would a greater level of power or sophistication in the related or embedded information system be of value? Cite some specific ways in which an improved IS could deliver benefits in improved performance of the organization. Is it clear that the benefits would outweigh the cost of acquiring and implementing the system? This is the realm of improvements in operational effectiveness via IS.— A different kind of business situation might also potentially show benefits from improvements in an organization’s information system or information technology. Think about your experience as an end user of an organization’s products or services. This may be a situation in which an information system is able to make possible a new product or service not previously offered in the marketplace, or a product or service that is a dramatic improvement over what had been available previously.

Sample Solution
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