Interpreting Graphical Representations of Data in Articles or Reports

Locate any report or periodical article that contains at least two different graphical representations of data or use one of the supplied articles. Interpret the…

Locate any report or periodical article that contains at least two different graphical representations of data or use one of the supplied articles. Interpret the graphs and present your findings in a brief PowerPoint presentation (6 slides). You may choose to explain the points in your 5-8 minute presentation with a recorded voice-over or include detailed presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint slides.Business administrators and managers are often called upon to interpret data that analysts have provided to them. This requires an understanding of the data sources (when, where, and how data is collected; formatted or stored; and used), as well as what that data looks like and how it can be summarized. In this first assessment, you are asked to locate any report or periodical article used in a business context of interest to you that contains at least two different graphical representations of data. You will interpret the graphical data representations and present your findings in a brief PowerPoint deck, as if you were presenting during a company meeting.In this assessment you will learn about the collection, formatting, and use of raw data, as well as graphical and tabular methods for summarizing it. You will also get started with the technology that you will use in this course: Microsoft Excel (including the Data Analysis ToolPak add-in).ScenarioYou are an analyst in a business. You may choose a real or fictional business of interest. Any business that has practical meaning for you is an appropriate choice for this assessment.You have been given you a report containing some graphs and charts and must interpret and explain two of them at a department meeting.

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