In a brief narrative, describe the changes in your thinking regarding the diagnostic, prescriptive process in relation to reading intervention. • What have you learned…

In a brief narrative, describe the changes in your thinking regarding the diagnostic, prescriptive process in relation to reading intervention. • What have you learned which will change your instructional practice?• How does this relate to the development of the dispositions in relation to your professional development?

Sample Solution
The short story “Great Country People” composed by Flannery O’Connor was distributed in 1955. The hero, Joy Hopewell, lives with her mom, Mrs. Hopewell, in a little Southern people group. Delight’s youth was stopped after a chasing mishap that lead to her losing her leg. Her extremely hopeful mother named her Joy; in any case, Joy can’t stand this thought, so she chooses to rename herself the ugliest name she can consider: Hulga. Hulga/Joy has a PhD in reasoning and totally dismisses her mom’s Christian qualities. Her mom isn’t content with her scholastic undertakings since she thinks it had a negative impact: “She really wanted to feel it would have been exceptional if the youngster had not taken the PhD” (O’Connor 730). Hulga’s deformation makes her retreat from the physical world into the universe of the keenness. She considers herself to be the most educated individual around and looks down on her mom and Mrs. Freeman. In the story, Hulga is beguiled by a man that professed to be a Bible sales rep named Manley Pointer. Notwithstanding, his goals were to lure Hulga so he can take her prosthetic leg. This disregards powerless Hulga to scrutinize her own personality while trusting that somebody will come salvage her. The story “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates is about a little youngster named Connie who is strangely like Hulga. The story was distributed in 1966 and was set in that time too. Connie is simply the cliché ingested, kid fixated young person who falls off the accurate inverse of Hulga: “[Connie] had a brisk, anxious chuckling propensity for extending her neck to look into mirrors” (Oates 683). Hulga is a scholarly who dedicates no time contemplating the issues Connie’s fixated on. In the story, a man named Arnold Friend appears on her doorstep and requests that she goes with him. Connie’s honesty is torn away by this evil spirit. He takes steps to hurt her family on the off chance that she doesn’t go with him, so she forfeits herself and goes with Arnold Friend. Hulga and Connie are comparable in the manner they were raised. Both their dads were missing and accepted their moms no better. Hulga trusted her mother to be extraordinarily gullible and very confident. Connie trusted her mom to be excessively honorable and basic; she pulled off about everything and thought that it was interesting when her mom accepted what she said. They’re likewise comparable such that they separation themselves from the individuals around them. The both see themselves predominant; Hulga mentally and Connie with her magnificence. Hulga’s unimaginably critical character enabled her to be continually irritated at the individuals around her. They were very futile for her and invested most of her energy alone. Connie’s shallowness made her independent; she despised her sister June since she’s the truly flawless little girl and overlooks her mom in view of her steady pestering about June. All through the story, the two characters appear to be generally static characters, yet toward the end, the two of them are left changed by the individuals around them. Hulga is left in absolute mistrust about what Manley has done. We are left to think about whether she transforms from this experience. Indeed, even high school Connie gets the hang of something she never expected; she transcended the regular daily practice and accomplished something significant for once. Her courageous signal spared the lives of her family>GET ANSWER Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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